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Originally Posted by RPCookin View Post
Boy, for $279 I hope you grind a lot of meat. I have the old hand crank one I inherited from my mother, who used it from my earliest memories (at least 60 years), and it still works great - and I get a little exercise when I use too.

Granted, I can't stuff a sausage with it, but I don't really need to. For $300 I can buy a lot of sausage at the local locker.
You might be able to. Look into stuffing horns for it. You can likely find some.

"First you start with a pound of bologna..."
-My Grandmother on how to make ham salad.
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Originally Posted by Zagut View Post
Something's not right here.

Were you grinding a lot of sinew and silver skin?

Shouldn't have clogged that easily.

I've put a lot of meat through my grinder and have never had it clog.

Did you have the blade installed correctly? (Flat side towards the plate?) I could see it having a hard time if it was backwards.

And after only 20 lbs. you shouldn't need new blades or plates.

You can easily sharpen the blades and flatten the plates when needed.

And you really shouldn't need to after only 20 lbs.

The reason for different plates is for different size grinds. and the plates really should last a very long time before they need replacement.

Now a #5 plate is a smaller size but that shouldn't effect the behavior of your grinder in the way you've described. It should only mean it will take you a few minutes longer to grind.

And if you do use your grinder to stuff sausage casings be sure to use a stuffing plate. It's essentially a plate with giant holes to let your sausage mixture pass easily without grinding it again.

Good luck on the shoulder but make sure your set up is correct.
Thank you very much for the help here. I do appreciate it.Things like this that one learns from another such as the case here is priceless.

What happened was on me.Not the LEM.I had when putting the auger in forgot to slip on the washer of all things.No wonder we had so much play before it clogged.Tested it again tonight.Sure thing it was me.Everything else was just fine.I've learned also to watch how thick the fat pieces are.Alternating the two at times.And you were right we did have silver skin problem.
I know, see a "LEM-atologist" about that.It's cureable.

We just made close to 12Lbs of breakfast sausage that would have cost me about $80.00.Had I bought it already made.

The reason I thought it was the knife and plates was because we bought it used.I don't know what they've put it through.It was fully assembled when I got it.All I had was the use and maintenance form.
What I needed was a LEM for Dummies book.

Another exhausting learning day here.All's well.Thank you for the help.
Thinking about naming it "MEL"


If your with me that's great. If not. Get out of my way.
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Old 04-23-2016, 10:29 AM   #13
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I love my #5. I also have a 5 pound LEM sausage stuffer. They have been workhorses. I use the sausage stuffer (comes out on the bottom) to make breakfast sausage by extruding the meat onto strips of wax paper vs. casing. Then onto a cookie sheet and into the freezer. Once half frozen, I cut into links!

After using the #5 for many years, the knife blade is still very sharp.

I do cut my meats into 1/2 to 1 inch cubes. Makes feeding it easier.

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Old 04-23-2016, 12:44 PM   #14
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Munky, All grinders will do that,there is a eazy solution.Have your
meat cut into cubes.Meats need to be really cold, I half freeze mine.
If it is half frozen the grinder will zip thru it fast. I have the lem sausage stuffer it is so easy.Well worth the money. Have fun !!!


Originally Posted by Chef Munky View Post
Well I'm exhausted.Phewww glad it's

over for the day.
More tired from prepping the walls floor and setting everything up.

It looks like were going to have to buy new knives and plates for it.
I'll buy a few extra's just in case.

Grinding up a 20Lb beef knuckle the machine kept getting clogged.
We had to dismantle it.Clean the auger and grinder head twice.That was just for the first grind.It was a fight.Luckily it never got hot.
That's at least a good sign.

We ended up using the stand by K/A for the second grind.Glad we had that as a back up.

Pork shoulder can wait until tomorrow.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness ( RAK ) Makes you feel great too
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Gotta figure that Munky solved the problem... last post in the thread was 2 years ago.
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Old 04-27-2016, 04:24 PM   #16
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Ya never know.

I've got things on my to do list older then 2 years.

But let's hope for the best.

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