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Originally Posted by Caine
You don't cut two or three slices, then put it away until the next sandwich! When you worked in the deli, hgow many people came in to buy just enough sliced lunch meat for one sandwich?
Okay then, how many people, BESIDES COREY came in to the deli to buy just enough lunch meat for one sandwich?

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If I were to do that, I might as well just go on and buy a sub, which I usually do anyway. Haha!!

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Round these parts, it's usual to buy deli meats by the 100 g (just under 4 oz). It would never occur to me to buy a pound ready sliced. I'd end up throwing loads of it out because it would last way too long for it to be safe.

Plus, it's not that unusual for people here to buy just enough meat for one sandwich either. You often see them in shops with their bread roll ready and waiting to tuck the filling in.
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But what then, is the difference between getting the deli to do it, and doing it yourself?

The only reason I can see for doing so is that it might be cheaper to buy a chub of (say) luncheon whole then sliced, but that's not the case here, usually... The supermarket buys in 30Kg lots, so they get a volume discount.

The only reason I'd have a home slicer would be for things like proscuitto, where it;s better cut fresh. If I was going to cut bulk meat, I'd just buy from a deli... "4Kg of Veal German, please!" and then repackage it myself.

Maybe bulk meat's cheaper in other parts of the world...
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Originally Posted by ncage1974 View Post
Well guys i got it today. Its late so i'm not going to write up a long winded review but i'm overall pretty happy with it. The housing is all metal and the machine is pretty hefty. Unfortunatly there is one area that has plastic that id rather be metal but oh well. The gears that drive the blade are plastic. You know the magic chef might be the same way. Ok the motor does seem to be pretty powerful and i took out a frozen ribeye to make cheese steak tonight and i didn't even wait till it thawed. The slicer didn't seem to have any problems. I mean it did slow down a tiny amount but not much considerably speaking. One thing that is awesome about the slicer that your able to control the slice thickness very precisely. I was slicing the steak paper thin with no problem at all. This is SOOOOO much easier than trying to hand slice a steak. Some things i would change about it would be
1) All metal parts
2) titled slightly
3) Even a little bit more motor power (never can have to much)

It did come with two blades and a tray to catch whatever your slicing which is great.

Ok a question. It came with a serrated blade and a non-serrated blade. When slicing when would i use which? Tonght i used the serrated blade because thats what came attached.


Any update on the slicer? I just tried that website and the page is not

John A
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