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Jetstream Versus The FlavorWave And The Deni Oven

Originally Posted by mac View Post
Looking for an infrared convection oven and would like to know if anyone on this site has any personal experience with any of these?

Or other web sites (other than Amazon or Epinions) with reviews.


Hello all, I have had my Deni oven for about 5 years now and it still works fine ! I have had at least 5 JetStream Ovens burn out on me over the last 15 years or so,none lasting much over a year ! I tell you no lie the JetStream Ovens puts the Deni and the FlavorWave to shame when it comes to cooking things like chicken,pizza and hot dogs ! I did not have to turn my chicken over when I used the JetStream Ovens because of the high air output of the JetStream Ovens "4000 RPM fan speed"! But I do have to turn the chicken over when it comes to the low air output of the Deni and FlavorWave ovens!

The Deni and FlavorWave are far more durable then the JetStream Ovens,but when it comes to cooking,they just can't compete,their air output is way too low !!! The FlavorWave cooks far better then the Deni,on a scale of 1 to ten...10 being the highest I would give the FlavorWave maybe a high 7 to a low 8,and I would give the Deni a five or low 6,but the JetStream Ovens I would give a high 9 or 10 ! I hate the fact that the JetStream Ovens don't last long,and I wish I could find a durable low priced convection oven with the same high 4000 RPM fan speed of the JetStream Ovens,but after looking for many years I have had no luck what so ever !

The Deni seems to be the most durable out of the 3 ovens! But as far as cooking goes,it needs a far more powerful fan in it! When I cook pizza in the Deni the top comes out fine but the bottom comes out soft and half uncooked ! I have to overcook the top in order for the bottom to come out the way I like it! The FlavorWave did a better job with the pizza! On a scale of 1 to ten I would give the Deni a 4 on pizza,the FlavorWave would get a 7 or 8 and the JetStream would get a 9 or 10! I must warn you that the JetStream can blow any light weight toppings on the pizza around if you don't put a rack right above the pizza to hold and keep the toppings in place. But to me that's a small price to pay. As far as air fried chicken goes that is where the JetStream Oven blows the Deni and the FlavorWave completely away !

I would rate the Deni a 4, the FlavorWave a 7 and the Jetstream oven a 10 + when it comes to Air Fried Chicken . The FlavorWave gets a 7 because it does a good job on the chicken, its nice and juicy on the inside and the skin is done fairly well. Now when it comes to the Jetstream..not only is the chicken nice and juicy, but the skin is cooked to Perfection!!!! It comes out better then real fried chicken skin,but without all the grease ! I am hooked on the Jetstream oven mostly because of how great of a job it does on cooking Air Fried Chicken !!! Let me say it again, I hate the durability or lack of durability of the Jetstream oven, and I and many others wish Nesco would make their ovens to last !
Nesco won't even offer an extended warranty on their Jetstream ovens,so what does that tell you about the quality or lack of durability of the Jetstream ovens ? But it still looks like I have to buy another Jetstream oven if I want the best Air Fried Chicken in town ! I still wish someone would make a high air output convection oven that is durable,so that I could tell Nesco where to go with their great cooking,low durability,falling apart,cracking into many pieces Jetstream oven !!!!!!!

As far as the Deni oven goes,I can say it is very very durable,no melting parts,no cracking,no falling apart ! On the other hand,it is only so so when it comes to cooking with its weak low speed fan !

I have never owned the NuWave oven, but I have read several reviews were people have claimed to have owned both the FlavorWave and the NuWave ovens,and they all said that the NuWave oven was better at cooking food then the FlavorWave , apparently the new FlavorWave oven also uses Halogen Heat,and the NuWave oven does not ! The NuWave oven has won several awards, and on Amazon.com the NuWave oven has an overall rating of 4 and 1/2 stars out of 5 with 106 Reviews !

If it were not for the plastic dome on the NuWave,I might consider buying it , but I hate heat cracking plastic domes,I get enough of that with the Jetstream ovens !

Here's how I rate the 3 ovens I have owned on a scale of 1 to 10 !

Durability 10
Cooking 5

Durability 9
Cooking 7

Durability 3 or 4
Cooking 9 or 10


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Old 02-01-2009, 06:34 AM   #22
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Which one to get...

Hello, new here...

You know it's really attractive the idea of a device cooking dinner for you, other than the slow cooker who has a lot of bad reviews because of lead. Besides the 4-8 hours it takes to work.

I would like to know which one cooks the chicken the way I like it thou. First I don't like chicken skin, I always skip it and I hate juicy chicken, for me it has to be dry and/or roasted... do you have an idea which one of these ovens actually roasts or dries chicken?

Thank you for any suggestion

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Old 02-18-2009, 03:34 AM   #23
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I stumbled over this thread when I was doing a google search for Flavorwave v.s. Nuwave.
I recently bought a Nuwave oven ( because I was brainwashed by the enticing infomercial....lol) and I am TOTALLY in love with it. I'm really glad that I ordered it. So far I've cooked a beef roast ( well done AND juicy) with veggies ( crisp and full of flavor), bacon ( I could not believe at how little grease there was to clean up), an apple crisp dessert ( yum!) and some mini english muffin pizzas.
Anyways my friend has a FlavorWave (which she hasn't really used much) and she has fallen in love with what my Nuwave can do so I gave her some recipes. Hence me checking out google for the comparisons.
From what I understand the Flavorwave uses a halogen light and the Nuwave doesn't so this can greatly affect cooking time.
I was hoping to find out if there were more differences ( because she said that her oven looks almost exactly like mine even though they are different products) or if there were any recipes that anyone had for one oven and could be more accurately converted for the other.

Any ideas or suggestions?
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Old 08-05-2009, 04:07 PM   #24
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My Microwave that was only less than a year old quit heating. So I want to buy either a Nuwave or Flavorwave. I do not know which to get or if I should get any at all and just replace my microwave. Can the turbo cookers heat beverages in a cup without the handle getting to hot? Or can it soften cold butter for baking? Hmm, I also wondered what Halogen heat does that is so special. Does it warm things or cook things faster? Is the Favorwave faster at cooking than the Nuwave?
I really hope for a reply here. Thanks.
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Old 08-14-2009, 06:13 AM   #25
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If you get a Turbo Oven, you can do things like cook an entire turkey in a couple of minutes. However, it doesn't cook completely evenly. There is also a model that includes a regular oven as part of it. I don't know about the others, but just thought I'd put my two bits in.
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Old 10-03-2009, 10:34 PM   #26
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I have been using the Jet Stream for years. My first one finally burned out. The flavor of the cooked food is awesome. I love it for chicken breasts. My unbreaded but spiced breasts are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I love it for fish, burgers, game hens and even turkey!!
If the one I have now (for 6 years) burns out, I will get another!!
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Old 12-04-2011, 07:30 PM   #27
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I just bought the Super Wave Oven (The Sharper Image). Has anyone try this model before?? Is it any different from the Nuwave Oven?? My daughter wants the Nuwave for Christmas, but I found this one at Sam's for a super great price so decided to get it. I hope I've made a good choice.

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