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Old 04-12-2009, 08:51 PM   #1
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How Do You Store/Save Your Recipes?

I have started a little notebook where, if I print out a recipe, I put it in the book and then put a picture on the facing page. I know it will be big when I finish it, but I figured it would be something my daughter could look at in years to come.

Do you do anything special with recipes you find or modify (or both) or create? Do you plan to pass your creation down to anyone?

Just wondering.


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I use mainly word documents for stuff i find on the internet that i want to try. I just copy it from the webpage and then paste it into word.

After i try the recipes that i create in word and if i like them enough then the go into mastercook for more permanent storage.

Ive been thinking of creating my own recipe program and store them in SQL Server (i am a programmer) but time contraints haven't allowed me to do that. To make a recipe program would take quite a bit of time if you want it fully functional.

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Old 04-12-2009, 09:09 PM   #3
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I store all my recipes on my computer in folders set up like a cookbook. I have folders for Appetizers, soups, pasta, etc. Within each of those folders I have a cookbook folder. That folder contains all the recipes I have made and keep in a 3-ring-binder on the kitchen counter. Untried recipes are in the main folders.

I use MS Word and have a standard format for my recipes.
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Old 04-12-2009, 09:10 PM   #4
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i save to a file, then when time, i cull out the real keepers and print em out. can't take the puter to the counter. lol
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I do save a lot of "oh, that looks neat" recipes in a file on my computer created in Word, but for special recipes that I want to make sure my daughter might use including a couple from her grandmother, I like having that "can't be erased, can't go off into cyber space" tangible piece of paper. And as much as I FLUV the computer, it's nice to have this piece of paper that I can write on and add notes to.
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I've been cooking for more than 50 years and, as a result, have amassed hundreds, probably thousands, of recipes on 3x5 cards. With the introduction of the home computer I also have countless recipes there. At this point I have 4 plastic shoe boxes with my recipe cards and I haven't counted those on the computer. The only difference in the two storage areas is that I've cooked ALL the recipes in my box files. There are many stored on the computer that are "future" recipes to prepare.
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Old 04-12-2009, 09:13 PM   #7
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Yeah - I use word processing document files (WordPerfect mostly) set up like Andy M. and I will periodically convert my "cookbook" to a PDF file. Like ncage - I have thought about a relational database approach to create a "home grown" recipe database because I have not found one yet that does everything I want ... I just haven't gotten a "round" 2-it yet.
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Old 04-12-2009, 09:29 PM   #8
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i use MS OneNote and i type mine and family recipes then add pics. i have sections and when i print out a whole section it adds a footer with the section title and the page. i have a trapper keeper binder with dividers with pockets (to store recipes till typed), and i printed labels to put on the tabs. i have a recipe index with the title of the recipe, section and page number. the front of the binder has an accordion part where i store the hand written recipes. i have also added some of those clear plastic sleeves with binder holes. when a recipe is taken out to be used i slide it into the sleeve that way if it gets splashed the recipe stays clean. that is my master. i am making a copy for each of my girls. when i pass they can figure out who gets the master with the hand written recipes.
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I have used many ways over the years. What I do now is store them all on an online site I use for appointments and notes and things. My iPhone syncs with the site so I always have my recipes with me. This comes in handy at the store if I know what I might want to make, but did not write out a list. I can just take out my iPhone and look up the recipe. I can also access them from any computer with internet access.
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I can find any recipe I am looking for, either tried or new, in my recipe data files on my computer. You can word-search if need be. When I save a recipe, I put the URL right after the name of the recipe. This allows me to return to where I copied the original recipe and also research any other recipies or interesting things that might be on that website. I have a laptop, so I can take it to the kitchen if need be.

Happy cooking, Marty.
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