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Originally Posted by bjcotton
I have been using MasterCook for several years. I was contemplating switching until I got a copy of MasterCook 9. I love it, I can copy recipes from websites directly into MC, I can copy from a word processor, it has shopping lists, it exports easily, I can change a recipe from one form of measurement into another (for instance some recipes come with measurements in weights...300mg or liters). The program came with I think 13 cookbooks in it and I have put 4 of my own into it. On my laptop I deleted all of their cookbooks and just have my own in it. It's versatile, useful and easy to use.


Can you print a recipe with the ingredients listed in two columns and the instructions in one column?

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Originally Posted by ncage1974
What are you going to be developing it in? What is your development experience? I would consider myself as pretty much a veteran right now. Maybe a C# project and using WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) would be interesting. That way all your recipes would be stored on the web and you would hopefully never loose them with a computer disaster. If you want to get really interesting you could use XAML to display some really cool effect (of course this would take some time). Let me know i might be interested in something like this. Recipes would maybe be in XML format so anything could read them and format them however they wanted with XSLT.

Anyways congradulations are your first little one and i sure hope he gets well soon.

Ok on the question. I use mastercook. Any flaws? Yes you still have to enter the recipes. That is the biggest downfall. Data entry is not much fun. Epecially if the recipe is not on the web. In mastercook it allows you to create new cookbooks and i though it was cook if i could take some of my favorite cookbooks and transfer all the recipes to mastercook. Way to time consuming unless you got a lot of extra time to burn. I still use it for recipes i create (if i don't i will forget them) and recipes on the web that i try and love. There is one feature i hope they add to it in future. Recipes allow you to add one picture per recipe. Would be cook if you could add a picture for each step of the directions.

It's really funny to see programming and cooking hobbies go hand in hand. I can't think of any engineer that I know that loves to cook that hasn't at some point said "hey, I could build a pretty good cookbook applications". It's something about our need for order and logic. I hate having my recipes scrawled on pieces of paper and in books all over the apartment, and would LOVE an option where I could have a thin client in the kitchen that I could use to bring up recipes from a centralized server on my network. Somebody else pointed to the other thread on this topic, and I pointed out in there that I was in the process of designing a neat application also. I would rather use my handmade application than any out there anyways, even if they are better (Big Over recently caught my eye as some great looking recipe management software and even allows for the distributed scenario like I mentioned).

So far, my development has been going rather slow. Since I recently graduated, got married, got a job, and moved across the country (for said job), my time has been limited, but during the last few weeks I really dove in a started building the framework. Right now, I've got the database structure set up, and a un-user-friendly frontend using Ruby on Rails. This allows it to be cross platform. Once the rails interface is completer (and when is any project ever really complete?) I will also be building a client applications using WPF/Avalon so that I can do some cool things that just can't be done with a web application (plus it gives me a good opportunity to learn something new that may be usefull for me down the road).

This will be free, and probably open source. Eventually I'll get everything posted somewhere where people can play around with it, but right now it is in the pre-alpha stages, so it will be a while.

Is this a lot of work for recipe software? Sure.
Will this end up costing FAR more (in time) than it would cost to buy something like BigOven? Sure

But isn't that half the fun?

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I use meanmeals.com to store my recipes (as you can see from my signature). I find it's the easiest way to share things with friends. When people ask me for a recipe, rather than telling them or copying it out for them, I just point them to the recipe on the website.

Entering recipes does take some time, and if I want a picture, I have to remember to take a picture, but it saves time in the long run I think

I store my recipes online at http://www.meanmeals.com
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