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I have had 3 pine cutting boards for over 34years.
I went to the local lumber yard then (now could go to lowes or Home depot)
Purchased 1 inch thick by 10 wide and 36 long pine boards and had hubbie cut it in 3 pcs. I sanded the edges and mineral oiled them. I have used them for every thing. When I do meat, that board got put in soapy water with bleach added and scrubbed well then dried overnite and rewipped with oil. I now use a plastic one for meat.
At that time and a newly wed, when looked into buying cutting board, Not alot of extra money as we purchased a house and fixing it up. I got the idea when hubbie was framing in a window. They have held up great.

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Originally Posted by Sir_Loin_of_Beef View Post
I have one maple board, two plastic boards and several bamboo boards. I use bamboo more than not because they're convenient and they do the least damage to my knives.
Do you find that bamboo is easier on your knives that wood? Or is it just because the wood is maple and very hard?

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I have several plastic ones. I also have had wooden ones like butcher block.. Now I am replacing with Bamboo.My doc says the plastic ones harbor germs even when cleaned in dw. Wood is fine for veggies but not for meat since wood shavings, sawdust from the knife can infiltrate the food. It is NOT anti microbial.. Difficult to sanitize .. Bamboo is easy to clean, doesn't cut with and washes by hand or dw.. Also it doesn't warp and it is bacterial safe. That's what my doc recommends but the large ones are not cheap.. so ... I am still using the plastic one and hand washing with antibacterial dish soap... I guess its whatever you want to use..
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One capful of bleach to a gallon of water is effective to sanitize your cookware and cutting boards.
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I might be getting a John Boos 18" x 24" x 2-1/4" Maple Cutting Board(# RA03).It is a edge grain but for the size,$69.24 shipped is a good deal imo.I know end grain is better,just can't afford one in rock/hard maple close to this size.
I been using the cheap plastic crap for a long time.I found a interesting article about the raw meat on wooden boards.
10 Stubborn Food Myths That Just Won't Die, Debunked by Science
My stepmom got a glass cutting board lol.I gave her a few of my unused plastic boards & said ma put that glass up & use these.I always heard glass is the worst to use.Idk why they are still made.Just the thought of cutting on one gives me goosebumps.I may get a bamboo board for her,maybe another for me too lol.
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I have two wooden ones and a set of the plastic ones that I received as a gift. I am not too thrilled with the plastic ones. I very rarely use them.

I find the wooden ones are easier on my knives. They have stood up to the use over the years. One of my wooden ones is round and a good size. I use that more often as it is lighter in weight. It also has a handle on it. It was part of a Christmas Ham package. I use that one for everyday cutting of veggies and non meat foods. I have had it for eons. The second wooden one came off of a service cart I owned many years ago. The cart just plumb wore out and I removed the cutting board before I tossed the cart out. The board has served me well over the years. It is about 36 incues long by 12 inches. I use that one when I have a lot of meat to prepare for the freezer. I have to clear the counter top to use that one. But I would never use anything but a wooden cutting board. I hate the platic ones. Someday I will just toss them.
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My large 14"x20" bamboo board serves me well and is never put away. It sits at the right of my my sink looking beautiful, and is used as a chopping board, counter protector, work surface, and dish drainer with a pad on top when needed. I'm careful to sanitize it many times a day. I see no need for multiple boards.
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Originally Posted by taxlady View Post
Do you find that bamboo is easier on your knives that wood? Or is it just because the wood is maple and very hard?
The maple board is huge, and pretty much relagated to carving the Thanksgiving turkey. The bamboo boards are in different sizes, and one has 4 small cups built in to it for my mess in place, otherwise I just grab whichever board is the right size for the task at hand. Bamboo is very soft so it is easier on your knives than any type of wood, including the board that slides out of the front of the cupboard.

I also have a plastic board that gets used for gushie stuff because it has a moat and is easy to clean, and I have a glass cutting board that I use strictly for working with dough. The only knife I would use on the glass board is my dough knife. I could probably use my ceramic knife on it, but it's buried under the maple board, which is under my end grain bamboo board, which is under the 10 quart spaghetti pot, so it wouldn't be convenient.
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I remember reading that, while bamboo is a grass and relatively soft, the epoxy used to glue the bamboo together to make a board is very hard and can damage edges.
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Originally Posted by Andy M. View Post
I remember reading that, while bamboo is a grass and relatively soft, the epoxy used to glue the bamboo together to make a board is very hard and can damage edges.
I would agree. A so called bamboo board is actually a hard plastic with bamboo filler. In addition, bamboo is very hard on cutting tools. Try cutting a few strands with a chain saw. You will dull it in minutes.

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