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From what I read, the original Scan Pan was a great item. The ceramic non-stick surface was applied over a titanium base. In effect, the titanium bas was made with microscopic peaks and valleys. The ceramic filled the valleys, creating tiny peaks of titanium that any untensils would ride over, thus protecting the non-stic surface from abuse.

Again, from what I read, the manufacturing process was changed, with the latter being inferior to the original. Suppliers received so many complaints that they refused to service the latter made pans.

The idea is sound enough, but again, when money is the prime motivation for a company, and they let quality slide, we consumers suffer.

All of what I have just written is regurgitation of info I've read in other places. I have no actual experience with the product, so take everything with a grain of salt.

In reference to ceramics in general, there are ceramics that are far tougher than steel. They are expensive and used for special purpose applications. Ceramic piston rings create less wear on an internal combustion engine, and are resistant to heat related problems. Pump bearings made from ceramics are longer lasting than there steel counterparts, are more round, and are immune to corosives.

The problem with ceramics is that they have little or no elasticity, which means that they fail catastrophically when do fail. You can warp a steel pan. You will shatter a ceramic one.

Ceramics are harder, and knives made from them hold an edge forever, but can't be sharpened at home, and are more easily dammaged by shock, i.e. if you drop them accidently on the floor.

I believe Boca, sells knives that are a fusion of ceramics and titanium that give the hardness and superior edge retention of the ceramic blade, but with the added toughness of titanium. That just might be an excellent product. I'd like to test drive such a tool.

Ceramics aren't evil, or substandard for kitchen uses, but you must understand their strengths and limitations.

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Originally Posted by PolishedTopaz
I would think they would be highly breakable, just in general. What kind of pans are we talking about?? Bake-ware like casseroles? Or fry-pans for stove top use? Let me do a bit of research........I will give a more detailed response.
Many of the highest threat level bullet proof vests use ceramic plates to stop rounds that can penetrate kevlar. No problems with the strength of ceramics!

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Originally Posted by Rob Babcock
No problems with the strength of ceramics!
This is not always true. Yes ceramics can be super strong, but not all are. The kind used in vests is not the same as what is used in the kitchen. Drop a ceramic knife on the floor after paying $200 for it and see what I mean. All the kings horses and all the kings men will never get that knife to work again.
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wow, thanks everyone 4 lots of responses. I don't remember the actual maker of the product. I saw them promoting their ceramic titanium pans at COSTCO. Then I saw plasma... something.. from this forum. Sry, me memory not so good. Checked out their website, i think they use plasma desposition process to coat the titanium pans with ceramic. Not quite sure. Anyways, thanks for all the responses. I'm looking for a new set of cookware, and willing to try the expensive stuff if i can get enough people that confirm that quality = $$$. Thanks guys and gals.

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Also, I'll try to post any research I can dig up. Like any ratings from consumer reports .

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