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Honey Badger
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Originally Posted by Zagut View Post
RP, My reply wasn't intended as a "wise guy" statement. And I'm sorry you viewed it that way.

And yes I have taken a crock pot apart.

That's why I advised Munky it was a PITA.

My statement about a child and toaster was from my father always coming behind my sister and going "Boom" to scare her when she plugged something in. To this day she has an irrational fear of anything electric.

I have no doubt that you and others here have common sense.
H.E double hockey sticks you more then likely have much more then me.
So I won't perceive your "and apparently a bit more than you have." as a "wise guy" statement or "smart remark".

And since this thread has reached it's conclusion since Munky tossed the pot and drifted enough already I'll drift it further.

Folks. I know I'm a bull in a China shop here at times.

But I've been lurking much, much longer then I've been a member.

I joined yet I'm not a joiner.

The Discuss in Discuss Cooking is going away.

Humor has been lost.

Butt hurt is the norm.

Post count or time a member has been here is valued over content of the post or poster.

"Old Boy's" club is rearing it's head.

Excuse the rant my friends.

I'm sure I've overreacted in my perception of some but not all.
You haven't said anything that's not true. No crime in one having his or her own opinion. Sometime their opinions border on abuse, bullying tactics. I guess it's easier for them to do it behind a keyboard. Cowardly if you ask me.

I appreciated all the comments and suggestions that were given.
My question wasn't meant to start a debate. I was just curious.
My son after looking at it lowered the boom and tossed it.

Hope you stick around... What if I have trouble with my LEM?
Yeah, I remember who walked me through the process. As much fun as it was, did that experience ever wear me out.

I haven't drifted.. Swing is more my style. Which means she's doing alright.

Thank YOU, for all the help you've given.
Hope you stick around.


If your with me that's great. If not. Get out of my way.
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Old 07-14-2016, 08:29 PM   #32
Head Chef
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Thanks Munky.

And don't worry about my sticking around.

I'm like dog doo on the bottom of your shoe.
You can wipe me off as best you can but partials will linger

You drifted nothing, It's poop heads like me that took your thread beyond your expectations.

And don't worry about your LEM.
They have wonderful Tech support.

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Old 07-14-2016, 09:55 PM   #33
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Sorry I jumped you Zag, but your post seemed to be aimed straight at me, and I took it badly. It's all good now as far as I'm concerned.
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Originally Posted by RPCookin View Post
Sorry I jumped you Zag, but your post seemed to be aimed straight at me, and I took it badly. It's all good now as far as I'm concerned.
No problem at all RP.

And I can see where you took it personally.

I have a very thick skin so I don't worry about the little stuff at all.

I also have "NO" social skills what so ever and interaction with others isn't my cup of tea.

I say what pops into my mind and consequences be damned.

I will add that I know I can't post some things that pop into my mind as those thoughts would get me banned.

Not that I really give a poop about that.

But let's simply leave things where they stand and do the best we can with what we have to work with.

I enjoy your input so let's Discuss Cooking and let it drift where it may even if it takes a turn where we don't expect it to.

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