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Dr. Mercola's ceramic cookware

After reading all the info on Ameriware cookware my hair is now stretch to its limit. I should have done some research in hindsight, but unfortunately, I did not. I will however keep the pots and pans for now and see if the non-stick will peel. I did buy this set, because I was told by the salesman that they did not contain Teflon. So far the pots and pans are holding up, and they are nice to cook with. If I were to return them and purchased ceramic cookware instead, I wonder if there is any feedback on the Ceramic Cookware sold on Dr. Mercolas web-site. I do have two ceramic omelet pans which are about as non-stick as they come. They are however very pricey. My question for the day is,(Why can't these salesmen be more up front and truthful about the products they sell?) I digress.


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I have no idea what is being "touted" - but you should be aware that the good Doctor Mercola is

(a) not a doctor - it's an honorary degree
(b) has multiple US FDA actions against his claims
(c) does not practice medicine inside USA - he'll get arrested

there's a web site that has the run down on all the quacks and frauds if you want to go looking.

unless you have pet birds, don't worry about the Teflon issue.
when over-heated it does decompose (once...) and gives off harmful fumes. if your kitchen is the size of a shoebox with no ventilation, you could have an issue. otherwise it's really not an issue.

>>truthful salesmen
Shirley, you jest!

here's the synopsis on "non-stick"

there's PTFE aka Teflon
all the 'wunder pans' with the titanium, etc...? they sputter coat aluminum with titanium (yeah, it's "hard") so it looks like 60 grit sandpaper, then 'fill in the voids' with plain old ordinary Teflon/PTFE.
the 'hard' titanium keeps the utensil from 'damaging' the soft PTFE 'down in the valley'

"Swiss Diamond" - this is a total fraud. there's no diamond(s) - it's PTFE

"green pans" - lotsa' brands.
it's a high temperature polyester. works for about a week or two, then its record of 'non-stick' lacks sticking power.

"ceramic" cookware
check the specs. most of it can't handle oven temps more than 500'F - or anything past medium heat. hmmmm, glass aka "ceramics" does melt until way past 2000'F - wonder why this stuff can't take metal utensils or high heat? did somebody say something about marketing BS...?

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Thanks for the heads up dc. Once in a while I do run into an honest salesperson, however they are an endangered species. Use to be they would leave a product for free and let you try it out. Now, they take your money and let you try the product and then give you the run around if you want a refund.
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As far as cookware is concerned, your best bet is to buy individual pieces from reputable companies as needed. You seldom need a big set.

A non-stick interior is really only necessary for a couple of things. I'd recommend stainless tri-ply cookware supplemented with a non-stick skillet for eggs and such.
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I agree with Andy. Go to Cookware and more and buy some pieces of cosmetically challenged All Clad stainless at a big discount and practice a bit so that your food doesn't stick.
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Old 06-15-2011, 08:21 AM   #6
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yup yup yup what they said!
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Old 12-06-2012, 09:08 AM   #7
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Originally Posted by dcSaute View Post
. . . you should be aware that the good Doctor Mercola is

(a) not a doctor - it's an honorary degree
(b) has multiple US FDA actions against his claims
(c) does not practice medicine inside USA - he'll get arrested

On just about every one of Mercola's web sites it says on multiple pages:

"Dr. Mercola is a licensed Physician and Surgeon in the
state of Illinois. His practice first
opened in 1986 and he has
treated over 20,000 patients.
His Natural Health Center
continues to accept patients
and is now located in
Hoffman Estates,Illinois."
I guess that if this claim was untrue, he'd pretty soon be asked by the AMA to remove it from the web . . . . . especially, if, as you say, he has multiple FDA actions against his claims.

It really wouldn't surprise me if the FDA didn't like him very much. He is very outspoken on political as well as medical and farming issues and nearly all of his published opinions are contrary/damaging to Big Pharma (= FDA), Big Food (= FDA), Big Government (= FDA).

Do you have any evidence to back your claims - esp. (a) and (c)?
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An excellent place to find discount premium pots and pans is Home Goods, a branch of TJ Maxx. They often have odd pieces of an expensive brand that might have a scratch on the outside at a very reduced price. So what if the scratch is on the outside or your pans don't match? Who sees them other than your family. I doubt if any of them would notice or even care. "Oh Mom, I am not eating that! The pan has a scratch on the outside." When was the last time you heard that said in your kitchen?
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Old 01-07-2013, 08:19 AM   #9
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Just found this site!

Hello everyone! I just found this site and love it!

I migrated here after being on the Mercola site and looking at this ceramic cookware. It's expensive stuff, so I googled for reviews of the cookware. Although this didn't turn out to be a reveiw, I'm glad I found you!

Mainly, what I wanted to know is whether it's truly easy to clean up as advertised on their website. I want to be healthy, but hard stuck food is a deal breaker for me, especially after spending that much money!

Do you know anyone that's used Mercola's ceramic cookware? I'd love to hear any and all opinions.

Also, for anyone interested, dcSaute's post had me pretty concerned because I've bought a few things from his site:

Originally Posted by dcSaute
. . . you should be aware that the good Doctor Mercola is

(a) not a doctor - it's an honorary degree
(b) has multiple US FDA actions against his claims
(c) does not practice medicine inside USA - he'll get arrested
So, I went to the State of Illinois website. As a licensed real estate agent in Virginia, I knew that all the states have an online listing of licensed individuals, and Dr. Mercola is indeed a licensed practicing medical doctor in the State of Illinois.
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About Dr Mercola's newest cookware

Yes! I bought the 12" skillet at Christmas and I really do like it. Nothing sticks to it. Easy to clean. BUT, the lid has a huge crack in it already. Right away I noticed it. I am the only one handling my cookware and I am so careful I don't know how it happened. I wanted to buy more of this cookware but I won't do that now. I looked online to find where to post this warning and found this site. Anyone know where else to do that? If you do buy the cookware it is very, very easy to crack. With all of our hard stone countertops you have to think twice about setting it down! I don't remember ever hearing it break! I always make sure to load the dishwasher so nothing will pound against another. Just do not know how it happened. It is ceramic! However, I have had other ceramic pieces for 30 years and they have never broken! Another positive about this cookware is that it really holds its heat for a long time. I won't buy anymore of it.

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