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Costco was $77 if I remember correctly
Le Cuistot is $89 for almost same size, they have a sale on those right now
Casseroles & Dutch Ovens | Kitchen Stuff Plus

I'm in Canada, so not sure what prices you guys get there in the States.

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Post Le Cuistot vs. Le Creuset

Great information on this thread,in the forumWho knew Costco carried Le Creuset at some point,hope they bring it back,or continue with their Kirkland label with more options.Even if it's "seasonal,"in time for Christmas.I wanted to weigh in on the Le Cuistot because I did a fair amount of research before picking up the wok I purchased.It has similar qualities to a Le Creuset .For starters,the Le Cuistot uses a stainless steel handle for its Wok lid versus a "plastic" one the Le Creuset uses,and for a company that's only been around for a decade,they appear to be selling well. Prolonged use will tell whether or not my Le Cuistot will perform similar to my Le Creuset,or non enameled Lodge.For those who allege Le Cuistot is imposing on Le Creuset's brand name,I disagree despite the similarity.The definition of cuistot ,it means cook.As for the made in China issue,or PRC Le Cuistot uses,the very American Lodge has their enameled cookware also made in China.Lodge explains it well on their website : "After exhausting efforts to find any plant who would enamel bright colors in the United States, Lodge had to search overseas for a partner that could meet our quality standards."As a consumer,and novice cook ,I am looking for the tools to help me,and I enjoy getting what I want while saving money where I can.
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Originally Posted by slett View Post
Anyone used this stuff? The Le Cuistot cast iron enamel stuff is pretty cheap compared to the other LC brand and Ive read a few good reviews, but no real website and staggering price difference makes me nervous. Too good to be true?
With Le Creuset you definitely get what you pay for (my saucepans are completely unblemished after over 30 years daily use).

I don't know the brand you mention but I bought a supermarket's own brand stewpot for a fraction of the price of my Le Creuset pans. It's OK and does what is says on the tin but the inside has stained badly and despite reasonable care the enamelling on the outside has started to flake a bit.

On the other hand I bought an inexpensive enamelled cast iron skillet from Ikea several years ago and it has survived everything I have thrown at it. I think you "pays your money and you takes your chance" as they say.
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Originally Posted by toyopl View Post
I set out to buy new Dutch oven today and it was either Kirkland brand from Costco, or Le Cuistot from Kitchen supply plus.
I checked them out, since stores were right next to each other.
Le Cuistot I was getting a feeling that it was not as detailed in production as Kirkland brand.
Kirkland said Made in France, but Le Cuistot said Made in PRC if I remember correctly, had no clue what PRC was, but getting their name so close to Le Creuset and not stating clearly where it was made made me think of bad selling techniques and I went straight to Costco.
Whatever happens, Costco has my back and will take it back gladly, and Le Cuistot in my mind is pulling bad selling techniques, don't try to get sales leaching from other well known brand, and is it so hard to write which country it was made in.
Just my 0.2 cents.
PRC would be peoples Republic of China.
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Le Cuistot Oval Douch Oven used 4 times :(

Le Cuistot XL Dutch Oven, Port Coquitlam, BC - Ceramic stains and chips - no customer service.

A few months ago I bought the large oval cherry coloured dutch oven. I was thrilled thinking of stock, stews and slow cooking beans! After my 4th use my beautiful daydream of ceramic cooking exploded.

Utter disappointment. I lifted the pot from the stove, poured the 2 day simmer of bone broth into the strainer - glancing at the too easily stained bottom and noticed a dime sized chip had lifted out of the ceramic.

"What?" I thought to myself, "I can not even believe this, this is the fourth time using this pot - it has never been dropped, never turned above medium - and the ceramic is chipping out of the bottom?"

So I thought, $130.00 later, I should just be able to email the company and figure out a solution.
website: Cuistot.ca - Le Cuistot

I have now sent two emails to the company explaining what has transpired with their pot. I haven't heard back from them. The parent company Orly Global's website says, "We continue to provide top of the line service to our customers, fast delivery, informational brochures and excellent guarantees."

So, I guess I will call the company now - I checked the BetterBusinessBureau, bad news none of their corporate names are listed. Le Cuistot, Orly Cuisine, Orly Global Trading Inc.

I don't know about you, but when I get disappointed - I will put a real effort into resolving the issue with the company - and then I will spend the time posting reviews for everyone else. That way you can make an educated purchasing decision.

Facts: The ceramic stained after the second use (no tomato products - two batches of broth soup). I was not impressed. The woman who sold it to me in Revelstoke said they would only stain with Tomato.

Facts: Don't make anything that is slow cook in them - because the ceramic will chip off the inside. i.e.) 48 hr bone broth on simmer. (Well, ummmmm . . . that is WHAT I BOUGHT IT FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will update this if the company actually "has ANY customer service" as they claim above.

:) May 22, 2016 current satisfaction -6 / 10

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Old 05-23-2016, 02:05 PM   #16
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Sorry for your problem, but "Chinese Junk" doesn't refer to just a boat anymore.
If you're gonna make a Key Lime pie, you have to use real Key Limes!
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Le Cuistot - no customer service

Wow, I really wish I had done my research instead of getting swept into the romantic idea of enamelled dutch ovens.

I bought a Le Cuistot, thinking because they are Canadian that the warranty would be easier to service if I needed it. I researched LE CREUSET and thought the price difference was pretty steep.

In digging through reviews I am completely disappointed. I have found cooks reviewing both brand names and complaining about the same issue. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I really never considered that when I looked up the warranty and care instructions - that they are not relevant if you can't reach anyone at the company.

ie). There is no warranty if no one will talk to you.... it has been 3 months since my first email to Le Cuistot - and no response. So my less than dime sized chip in the bottom of my $150 XL oval dutch oven remains undressed.

I have used the pot 4 times to simmer bone broth. So I find the finish chipping off to be an absolute JOKE. Of course, if I had realized that they were made in CHINA. . .

Absolutely disappointed, and I just read the same type of story for LE CREUSET.

Lodge is also apparently made in PRC (People's Republic of China).

Many posts say use the chipped enamel anyway, but if you have done any research on heavy metals in dish ware, then you may be concerned about the chemicals used to fuse the enamel onto the cast iron. I am. I don't want to make my family sick over a $150 pot.

If you have ever called the companies to ask if they use heavy metals and can you get a copy of independent testing reports - you will know the iron curtain drops fairly quickly.

I am frustrated and disappointed, and as a consumer I feel mislead and let down.

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