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Originally Posted by anchita
Hi Everyone!

I'm a newbie here, and came across this site searching the web for some info about Pyrex cookware. There seem to be some really enthusiastic and knowledgeable people around, which led me to believe I could possibly get some guidance concerning my problem here. Can anyone tell me if one can actually use the Pyrex (Amber) Visions line of cookware on the stovetop? I've seen this claimed at many places, especially the ones that are selling them on auction etc., but I find it hard to swallow that glassware such as pyrex can be used on the stovetop. Is their a chemical difference between the usual pyrex stuff and its Visions line that allows the latter to be used on the stovetop? And are there only certain types of stovetops that it can be used on? Does one have to follow a special heating/cooking technique and precautions while using this type of cookware on the stove? I'm really tempted to use this cookware for my stovetop cooking needs, but having no experience with it, I'd appreciate if you can share your experience and knowledge about this with me. I have an electric stove and the only pyrex I've used before is for storage and some baking.

Thanks for your time,

Yes, you most certainly can.

I own a set of this cookware that I've had for about 17 years now, and yes, I've used it on the stovetop and in the oven. I like it very much!

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i've had a visions pot explode on me also. not sure what caused it as it was just sitting on a burner on low, simmering some soup, and boom, like moosecooking said, bits of glass everywhere.

i've also found that most foods will burn and stick to it becuase of uneven heat distribution, because of the properties of glass.

so, i will stay with metal pots and pans from now on, except for a glass baking dish that i use for things like stuffing, which i need to see the amount of liquid in the bottom of the pan.

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Old 12-17-2005, 09:37 AM   #13
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I've never had a problem with Visions pans, and I've probably done everything they said not to do in the instructions as well. I occasionally had something stick and it was hard to clean, but that happens no more often than with metal pans. They're fine really.

I never had one explode, that's for sure, although I did get a nice little gift from a friend one time of a couple of pretty red and green glass mugs (I don't know if they were Pyrex or not) with those nice chocolate spoons and some gourmet coffee. Christmas morning I went and filled the green mug with coffee and was just about to bring it to my lips for a sip and BOOM!!! Scalding hot coffee and the tiniest little bits of green glass flew everywhere! I was picking green glass out of my hair all day long. It was almost like it turned to sand. Of course the gift giver felt just terrible, but other than a few minor burns on my hand it was no big deal. Must have been a bubble in the glass. Scared the bejeebers out of me as I stood there in the kitchen with only the handle left in my hand...

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I've never had a problem with any of mine either, though they DO stick if you're not careful with the heat level under the pans.

If sticking or slight burning of the food occurs, just spray some Dawn Power Dissolver in the pot or pan, wait for 15 minutes and rinse the residue out with warm water. The cleaner should just lift the stuff right out.

Use a very stiff tough plastic spatula or a plastic scouring pad to help, if desired.

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Hi Anchita,
The problem with the exploding cookware is China ! All the older Pyrex,Corning and Visions were made in the USA....now it is all made in China ! Look for these items that were made in the US & you'll be fine. I find my cookware at Goodwill, and yardsales....it's inexpensive and so far made in the USA !! Reject any made in China...they use materials that are not approved for temperature changes . I hope this helps.
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mine are all very old. i have used in the micro and on gas stove top. never had a problem. i did notice as they have gotten older the lids don't fit as well as they did when new.
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Pyrex is a brand name; originally owned by Corning Glass.

sources say it is still manufactured in USA

but its formulation has changed. originally Pyrex was made from borosilicate glass - this has a very low expansion factor which made it so good for temperature extremes and rapid temperature changes.

it is now made from soda lime glass (same basic type as window panes) and is not as resistant to rapid temperature changes - both glass types are "tempered" or annealed in tekkie terms.

any small chip in even the "old" Pyrex can lead to failure - but the "new" soda lime stuff is much more prone to "exploding"
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Pyrex Visions Cookware It's fine to use it on your stove top. Boil, fry, saute, etc. It's very sturdy and will last for years, just be careful not to drop it
on a tiled floor. I did just that and the handle broke off. I had that pot for 15 years. It broke my heart. I found another one, online, so I recovered quickly. :-)

Don't be scared. Buy yourself a small Pyrex pot or frying pan and take it for a test drive. I'll wager you'll like it. GOOD LUCK!!

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