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Next time I'm traveling with my knives

Each year, at the end of the summer, we rent a condo in Vermont to get away from it all. Its not an all inclusive vacation, so we do our own cooking ( which doesnt bother me at all because I love to cook. But, the problem is the kitchen is fully stocked with the basics.
I never realized how important my knives were to me, until I tried to cut up a potato with the crappy knife provided. I always heard that a cheap knife was more dangerous than a sharp expensive knife. Having my share of incidents with sharp expensive knives, I took this info with a grain of salt. But after this experience, I would have been more successful sharpening a stone , like the Indians, and trying to cook with that. First off, it wasnt sharp at all, so I had to use excessive pressure just to cut through the potato. With all this excessive pressure, the knife blade would actually flex, causing my cuts to be inconsistent and embarrassingly as if it were cut by a child ( inconsistent in size, shape, thickness). Im surprised I didnt cause injury to myself attempting to cut through the potato. Finally, the handle of the knife was like one of those things that were made to fit everyones hand but actually fit no ones hand, causing me to develop blisters.
Anyway, this is just me venting. My knives arent the greatest in the world, but they definitely allow me to appreciate the good from the bad and ugly. Also, I dont expect someone who is renting out their condo to provide exceptional cookware ( although, I know Jacques Pepin rents out his condo in Mexico, and Id be curious to see what that kitchen is like). With all this said, next year my knives are making the trip with me !! Anytime I go to my moms, and she expects me to help out with the cooking, I always bring my knives. Does anyone else travel with their knives when they know they will be doing some cooking elsewhere ???


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We have a time share in Aruba for two weeks in the winter. I learned very quickly I needed to take knives with me. I carry an 8" chef's knife, 6" utility knife and a steel. I also carry a corkscrew, vegetable peeler and a flame tamer because the pans are very thin.

I only wish I could bring a few pots and pans along as well. I just plan meals according to what I have for cookware and utensils.

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I ALWAYS travel with my knives if I am planning to do any cooking at all. I even took them with me to France when I took my course there, even though I knew we would be at Le Cordon Bleu and that we were only cooking one day out of 14. (I was the only one who brought my knives across the Atlantic, and several others who hadn't looked at me jealously!)

I don't take knives to my sister's house, because I gave her a chef's knife so I could use it when I'm there. (She uses a Santoku.)

If you are flying with your knives, though, remember that you HAVE to pack them in your checked luggage. We used to be able to stash them in the pilot's cockpit, but since 9/11 you can't get through security with them.
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I've got a tote bag that's outfitted with things to take on any time share vacation. None of the timeshare units are outfitted exactly the same, sometimes, there are no hot pads, and often the pans are only workable. So, I often tote 3 knives, some hot pads, extra spatulas. I've never flown with my knives, but that would be a great temptation. My tote bag gets crammed into the car if we're driving and at least I have a a few of my useful, favorite tools.


CHEERS! Pennsy
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We have a time share and use it all over the place. It is always the same. They have everything you need to cook with is there, but the quality is pretty poor. The knives are always the worst item. I always travel with at least my chefs knife when I go to the time shares or anywhere else that has a kitchen that I might possibly be using. I have these for all my knives so I can jus throw them in my luggage without fear.
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The knives ive come across have all been similar to the ones my parents used when i was growing up. They seem so primitive.
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Unfortunately I do not travel a lot, but if i do my 8" chef knive comes with me. Well, actually I keep one specially in suite case.
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Old 09-04-2009, 05:45 AM   #8
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I have both a knife roll and a travel chef kit (s and p grinders, rubber spatula, measures, thermometer, wooden utensils...it's amazing what people don't have) which go with me everywhere. I may not use it, but I have it if I need it.
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Old 09-04-2009, 05:53 AM   #9
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It has just been so long since i used bad knives, that I didnt realize how important having a good knife was . I guess I spoiled myself
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Why not just carry a good but cheap sharpener? Even a cheap knife can be alright just sharpened. I would just hate to lose my good knives.

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