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What set is best for me?

I am moving into a new place and am currently looking for a set of knives.

I currently use my roommates cutco knives and they are more then enough. I really love the lifetime warranty feature, but overall they are still just overpriced.I My GF likes to cook but has never cooked professionally and has no inclination towards any specific knives. I worked as a chef at maggianos for over a year and i like to cook at home, but I do not need anything fancy. I have never found a significant(experience changing) difference between expensive knives and 10 dollar ones. Yes I will save .001 seconds in cutting, but as I am no professional I do not mind

I need a set that under $100 dollars or so, and has all the basic knives including multiple steak knives. After alot of research I have found:

Henckels® International EverEdge™ Plus 17pc Block Set

These are a pretty good brand and seem to be the best bang for the buck that I have found. The only complain I have found from them is some people say rust spots occur after a little while, but I believe that is from putting them in the dishwasher. Is that correct? I dont use the dishwasher anyways so thats ok.

Any feedback on that set, or alternatives would be great. I tried to describe my attitude and needs as best as possible, but would be glad to answer any further questions. If you suggest any alternatives, please give me a link or a full name and not just a brand. I am not too knowledgable in this field so me searching a brand name bring up a huge array of results.


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I purchased a Henckel set through CostCo and have been happy with them. The set had six knives, including a bread knife. The cost was under $100. That being said, I purchased a wonderful chef's knife many years ago that cost more than my Henckel set. It felt perfect in my hand and I still think it is perfect for me. Needless to say, I use it more than all others. Similarly, I bought a peeling knife that I use far more than the paring knife that came with the set. I believe ours was the International Classic Forged Set.

I suppose I'm saying that the set we bought is good. However, you may find that you wish to supplement with a few knives that are perfect for you.

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Looking to buy a knife set
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Originally Posted by jpaulg View Post
I saw that thread, but decided it doesnt pertain to me as all the recommendations are for his limit of under 200 and not under 100. I also deffinitly want a set over buying one good knife.
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Originally Posted by jpaulg View Post
Kyle, that link gives good advice. Seriously, you don't need all those knives. Buy the basic 2 or 3 knives and a set of steak knives.
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I would steer away from a set if at all possible. A seventeen piece set will most likely have pieces that seldom or ever get used. With knives the old adage, "you get what you pay for", definitely applies.

I'd start with a decent entry level chef's knife and add to your collection and upgrade over time.

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Originally Posted by kyle0k View Post
I also deffinitly want a set over buying one good knife.
Why? In most cases that will not make good sense. I am not saying it does not make sense in your case, but why do you think you would benefit from a set over a decent knife or two?
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Well honestly speaking I want a set because it will compliment and look nice in the kitchen. I know it sounds ignorant to you Guys as u are enthusiasts but I am just a regular user , and I have my own hobbies an if someone said something like that about them I would roll my eyes as well. That's why I'm attempting to be as honest as possible , to try and get something that suits all my needs and but not garbage.

So from your replies I am guessing eventhough it's a good brand, these specific knives are garbage? Maybe I will end up getting just 2-3 but good ones, just have to weigh my options
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I am no expert but I don't really think you need a set. A chef's knife and a utility knife is really all you need when you think about it. Perhaps a cleaver if you are butchering meat at all. I have Globals and they are just great. I think the brand you choose is pretty much personal preference.
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I will agree with others and say you should buy a steak knife set & 2 or 3 knives you will mostly use. I believe in the long run you will be happier, I had a block of knives for a few years then moved on replacing them slowly and it gave me more room on the counter.

That being said, you have stated what you want and the set you have suggested should fit your needs without spending a lot, Henckels is a good brand and you cant go wrong. I would say go for that set, it will get you by at this time. You may decide later to upgrade a knife from time to time, but this will do for now and will be a decent set.

Good luck!

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