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Originally Posted by taxlady View Post
I'm thinking of buy a grill. At the moment I use a hibachi. I've never used a gas grill, but I have never been impressed with the food other people have made on gas grills. But, I have been reading posts here and am getting the impression that a gas grill might not be such a bad thing.

What do you guys like and why?

Could I buy a gas grill and on occasion stick the hibachi on the grate and use the gas grill's cover to have a nice enclosed space for cooking on charcoal?
That's a hard question to answer. I to have and use both kinds plus my rinky dink Brinkman smoker. They all have their individual jobs to do. Yes you can put you hibatchi in it and close the lid. Just don't turn the gas grill on. Depending on how many burners the gas grill has you could possibly have the best of both worlds.

Breaking them down into individuality. The Propane is quick and to the point. I call it my Big Daddy Grill. It's the best one we've ever owned. Found a great deal on Amazon. It's a Strathwood. Have had it for years. It's still holding up. We've had others that didn't last long at all. Filling both tanks costs about $40. Another thing to keep in mind is the size. Mine is huge. Weighs 350 Lbs. It really puts out the heat. Because of it's size it needs some serious open room. Look for one that has easy access to the drip pans. The one I have has an opening on the back where all I have to do is slide out the pans. Clean, turn and burn baby! Good racks are a must to.

As far as how food tastes? I'd be looking at the cook before I'd look at the grill. Know what I mean? Just sayin'.

I hardly ever break out the Weber. Unless I have the time to. It's saved for special occasions. A burger cooked any other way just isn't the same. Charcoal is cheap.


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Originally Posted by Claire View Post
Recommendation for the boneless/skinless breasts? When you're finished with whatever you're cooking on coals, take the breasts, season, and put them on the coals, close the lid. When you're through eating whatever you originally cooked, take a look, a temp if you're unsure. Wrap in foil and let sit to complete cooking. Then freeze them if there are too many, refridgerate otherwise. Slice, dice and you have great food for another meal -- or in our case, two or more. Cold meals, warm meals, pasta dishes, stir fries.
I have a hard enough time trying to rember to take 1 nights meat out of the freezer let alone meat for future use. Most of our takeout meals are due to me forgetting to defrost something. I know what your saying though. I do cook more meat than I need most nights and wind up using it in another dish within days.

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Originally Posted by 4meandthem View Post
I have a hard enough time trying to rember to take 1 nights meat out of the freezer let alone meat for future use. Most of our takeout meals are due to me forgetting to defrost something. I know what your saying though. I do cook more meat than I need most nights and wind up using it in another dish within days.
I don't thaw them. I take a bag, and when the food comes off the grill, I toss the frozen ones on. I grab my favorite seasoning (we all have them, come and go, for many years now it has been Cavendar's Greek) and sprinkle it over the rock-hard chicken breasts, close the top of the grill, then go sit and eat and talk and drink. Help clean up. Go out. If they look done, I put them in foil on the counter soak in their juices, which surprisingly, done this way, there are a lot of. Into the fridge before bed-time, then in the morning freeze or put in baggies in the fridge, depending on my plans.
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If I only had charcoal, I'd rarely grill, with gas I grill 2-3 times a week. If you have food that is going to drip, you'll get plenty of flavor from a gas grill.

I would have both if space permitted. Right now I have a deck that sits about 10 feet off the ground with no stairs to the back yard (I actually prefer this since it prevents a burglar from easily accessing my back door, my neighbors are much easier to get to), it's small and the one time that I used my small weber, I was really uneasy about having hot coals left on a wooden deck, since we often have strong evening storms in the summer that could easily knock it down. Gas wins in my scenario.
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I have used all of the above methods of cooking. I, personally, prefer to cook over an open fire pit. Having said that, I would recommend a dual source grill as mentioned above. That way you have opportunities to gain experience using both.
Just my 2 cents.
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I personally don't use gas for anything but the jet cooker. I have an el cheapo stick burner, a 22.5 weber and a large green egg. I'm sure there are as many folks out there that feel the same about gas as I do about hardwood charcoal and smoking woods.
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This is the only dual fuel grill I can find here on the Island of Montreal:

Nexgrill Dual Fuel Grill, Propane/Charcoal | Canadian Tire

I'm seriously thinking about it. But, when the gas side quits, I'm stuck with a 5 foot long charcoal grill with more than half unusable. I suppose I could use that side for the hibachi, when this eventually happens. Or, if I have been happy with the grill and it lasted a reasonable amount of time, I could buy another one (if they still make them).

Does this look like a good grill to you guys? Anyone have any experience with Nexgrill?
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Just my 3 cents (inflation, lol).... I grill a LOT. I don't think I've even turned on my oven in a couple of months. I had both kinds of grills up until recently, then I got rid of the propane one. It was the older kind with the lava rocks, and one side didn't work well anymore. Plus, like others have said, grilled steaks or burgers just aren't the same on a propane grill. I agree with others that the chimney starter is the way to go, rather than using the fluid.

Since it's just me, unless family is here, I try to take advantage of the heat, space, charcoal and all, and go ahead and throw on extra chicken, veggies, or whatever. It usually gets repurposed or munched on over the next couple of days. As my grandmother used to say, never bake an orphan.
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Both- Wood-charcoal for BBQing & smoking, and gas for easy grilling & rotisserie.
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i have been extrememly happy with my gas webber. i ahve had charcol grills in the past and i really cannot say that the food tasted any better. one can always buy wood chipps, cherry, etc. to add some smokie flavor to the meats or vegies.

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