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Honey Badger
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Is it ok when making ketchup to weigh out the amounts of tomatoes,process them through a food mill,and then cook them as the recipe says?

I just don't see the point of peeling, coring,quartering and then cooking the tomatoes.It seems simpler to just go ahead and put the required amounts through the food mill first.I'd like to avoid seeds being in there.It's going to eventually go through the food mill anyways.

One recipe says to cook in a saucepot until the tomatoes are tender.Then puree in a food processor or use a food mill.

Depending on what Ball Blue Book I use,the directions differ..

If it's not a good idea tell me so.I'd appreciate it.


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The food mill or food processor, won't puree the skin nor the seeds. You will still have to pass the mixture through a sieve. It's simply easier to remove them at the beginning. The skin, core and seeds are foods that don't belong in ketchup, and may affect either the texture or the flavor.

I do applaud your effort.

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The experts have already specified the proper way to do it, but go ahead and do it your way.

There are two current versions of the Ball Blue Book, one is "of Preserving" (Blueberry Cover) and the very newest is the "Guide To Preserving" (Peaches cover). Both of them have the same instructions.
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I have to admit to a bit of a cheat here and use either a can of (peeled) tomatoes or a can of tomato soup. Makes it a super quick process then. And I am not a purist - I doubt that I could tell the difference in taste - provided the can has the pure stuff and not additives that is.
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I haven't made ketchup yet (kudos to you!) but I do make a pizza sauce in the summer with raw/uncooked tomatoes and the texture is definitely different than a cooked sauce or one made from canned tomatoes. It just doesn't get quite as smooth. The color is different too - more pink while the cooked or canned-based sauce is red. The taste is also somewhat different.

Another thing to consider is whether the quick blanching that helps remove the peels from tomatoes also slows down the enzymes that break down the tomatoes during preservation, as it does for other fruits/veggies. I honestly don't know if it does, but if so, it's probably a good idea to keep that step.

One last thing to consider, tomatoes that have been cooked have much more available lycopene than raw tomatoes.
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Old 09-12-2009, 10:10 PM   #6
Honey Badger
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Just finished canning my very first batch of ketchup this afternoon.Yeah!!!!!
Well worth the time to make.I must say I'm now too spoiled to ever buy the store brands again..

I didn't stick with the processing method,blanching etc..Went ahead and ran the 24Lbs of Early Girls through the food mill first..It wasn't a necessary step for me because my tomatoes were grown at home without insecticides,that some store bought tomatoes may have on them.That cut down a lot of time,and hassle of peeling each and every one.

The first pic is after it's been through the food mill twice.First tomatoes,then the cooked toms,onions,spices and vinegar infusion has been added.It's cooking down at this point.

Second..Cooked down,slow and slow.I let it cook longer then the recommended Ball Blue Book recommendations.Because if I hadn't the ketchup would have been very thin.I wanted a medium blend.It's ready to can.

Third..It's done..Boiled water bathed..processed time 20 minutes.
Made 11 1/2 pint jars.

Would have had a burger and fries to show.But I need to be quicker around here.My son ate it! Gahhhh!!!!! after all that...He didn't know,but loved that ketchup!

I'm glad I took the time to make it.The taste is just outstandingly good.
Can't post the recipe but it can be found in the Ball Blue Book,the other one Complete Book Of Home Preserving.If you don't have it,the recipe can be found here.

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If your with me that's great. If not. Get out of my way.
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