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Conversation Between In the Kitchen and babetoo
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  1. In the Kitchen
    how you doing babe? Haven't heard from you in some time. I am doing nothing so far! Cooking really took lot of time when everyone was home. Now don't know what to do first.

    How is Thomas? Your daughter? Hope you staying cool. Supposed to be hot for next few days. I am tough can take it as long as have a/c to sleep.
  2. babetoo
    07-01-2011 08:43 PM
    you need to go to one of my posts. look at symbols at the bottom. one should say send a p.m. which is a private message. click on that, and then just do what the screen says. i don't know where you send before for techs. to be involved. good luck, let me know if this doesn't work.
  3. In the Kitchen
    Am I sending these emails to the right place? Or is Tech Support still having to forward them?
  4. In the Kitchen
    Thanks babe. I guess I am leaning on you for advice. You been over the road so to speak. My dogs seem to get me through the day. Give me lot of understanding and don't 'bite' my head off.
    Thinking of myself sounds good. Have to talk to myself a lot.
  5. In the Kitchen
    Hey babe you tell it like it is. Seems I got different message board now. I'll just send this. I clicked on your name and then scrolled down to send private message and Tech support got it. Go figure.

    Anyway neighbor lady told me she wants me to go to church with her. I am alone too much. She said we all need human contact. Do you have human contact?

    This message board even gives your date of birth. You will have birthday July 12. They are going by fast. In case I cannot get through to you, happy birthday.
  6. In the Kitchen
    Do you believe I have some computer hacker that will not let me respond to you from Safari site? I just don't understand this completely but they are trying to eliminate me from responding to anyone. It is still my neighbor who continually stalks me for his mother. I don't get it why he does this for his mother? He is married and has wife but comes over to his mother everyday. You can be sure my son wouldn't do this. I think she is mentally sick and he doesn't know the difference.

    I am happy to hear you have another kitten. Makes it all the more close to have another one plus it gives Thomas company. They get along, don't they? Guess they both want your affection.

    I will write more later. But having bad neighbors is worse than 25 years of abusive marriage.
  7. In the Kitchen
    Just saw a link to this site and thought about you. How are you and Thomas? I truly hope doing okay. This life sure isn't easy. I am still taking care of my older brother and have had some close calls but he manages to keep on 'kickin'. My son is still out of work and kind of at loss as to how to get back again. He has been out of work for 3 years. Seems like a slap in my face when I always told him things happen for reason? Now I really have to find a reason why we have nothing going out way? Really getting hard and very hard to stay positive.

    Take care and as I said I am hoping you and Thomas are making it.

    Stay strong, babetoo! We got to be tough
  8. In the Kitchen
    Thanks for your sweet thoughts. Old age is not for sissies my mother used to say this whenever she would feel unable to continue her work. My brother just called and asked if I would go pick out furniture for the assist ed living room he is going to get. He said he is unable to walk far. I only hope he approves of furniture I get. He doesn't like to spend whole lot for himself. His name is Ed and is over 6'5" tall also weighs 250lbs. Big man. I could not help him physically if he needed help. Thanks for your thou ghts means a lot. Take care of yourself. Doctor I go to told me today that I should try to relax more. She must think I am not physically strong. Guess we all want to do more than we should. Take care of Thomas he needs you and wants you near him.
  9. babetoo
    08-18-2009 07:10 PM
    i know that must be very hard for you and your brother. was there no way he could stay home, with someone coming in to help him? leaving his home and things is very scary. maybe he will adjust quickly. do they have games and activities available? encourage him to join in. i want to die at home, not in a hospital or some old folks home. tell brother i said hi and that i will be thinking of him. what is his name. be brave you are doing what u have to do.
  10. In the Kitchen
    babetoo, you are at the top of my list too! Need those words today especially when I have t o see brother in home where he looks as though he is lost. I am so grateful I know Thomas is doing well. Give him special hug for me. Wish I could do it myself. But he likes it best from you. Keep in touch.

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