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Rob Babcock 07-05-2005 03:07 AM

Low Carb lifesavers!
Just thought I'd post a few things that are awesome for those of us eating low carb:

1) Low Carb buns- I try to avoid bread, for the most part, but occasionally nothing less than a bun will do. Mostly this is for summer grill season when everyone is having hot dogs or cheeseburgers. In my area you can buy Village Hearth brand hotdog and hamburger buns in either whole wheat or italian style. Either has only 11 net grams of carbs. Being able to indulge in a burger or sandwhich certainly lessens the feeling of sacrifice.

2) Low Carb Wraps/Tortillas- There are actually many on the market now, and unlike early ones these are basically as good as the full-carb types. Sam's Club here carries Carb Choppers, which are very large & soft light wheat wraps. With only 6 net grams of carbs with no trans fats or hydrogenated oils, these make superb wraps and fantastic quesadias. Also very good are Mama Lupa's- they're a bit thinner and smaller and perfect for tacos. They net out to only 3 grams of carbs and taste very much like the full-carb thing. Finally, Mission makes a low carb version that's as soft and white as a normal tortilla- it's almost impossible to tell from a full-carb one. The downside to the Mission ones, sadly, is that they use hydrogenated oil. If you don't mind that, though, they're the way to go. Being able to make a taco or queso' can really ease the lo-carb monotony, especially if you're in the VERY restrictive early phases.

3) Pork Rinds- I especially like Randolf's brand. The Wal-Marts here carry both the BBQ and Salt & Pepper flavors, and both are superb. These are perfect for satisfying your salty/greasy chip jones and are great with a burger. You won't miss chips at all, and the porkies are completely carbless!

4) Sugarfree Jello- Jello makes a great dessert, with zero carbs and not a lot of calories. I make mine with 1/2 hot water and 1/2 no-carb fruit drink (eg Wall Marts Clear American). It's a guilt-free dessert that's cool and tasty. For an added treat, you can top with cream whipped with Splenda. Very nice.

5) Butter- I'm serious here. Try blanching your veggies and sauteeing them in a bit of butter. Asperagus is especially good this way, and so is zucchini. I love to stir fry zucchini, sliced mushrooms, peapods & red peppers as a side dish with a steak or chop.

These are just a few things that can add some variety to a low carb menu. I eat lots of whole foods like veggies and meat, especially steaks and bacon wrapped pork chops. Tossing in a few low carb treats can keep things interesting and keep you from getting that sad, deprived feeling!:sorcerer:

Anyone have any other low carb favorites that they use to spruce up their meals?

Rob Babcock 07-05-2005 03:12 AM

BTW, I'm finally under 200 lbs for the first time in, um, well a long time! A couple presidents, at least!:rofl: In all I've lost maybe 90-95 lbs and have kept off the weight for about 2 years now.:mrgreen: Part of this is Atkin's, and of course a bit I credit to Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning program. The latter is a recent addition, just the last couple months, so mostly the low carb thing is working for me.

TexasBlueHeron 07-05-2005 12:35 PM

Low-carb continued
Been low-carbing for 7 years and the yearly health stats just keep improving. I do plan regular "breakouts" to test different recipes and it never does any damage.

These are excellent pointers - in the not too recent past, some of the low-carb stuff was nasty and incredibly expensive.

Cabbage is another good staple. I use it as a noodle replacement for stroganoff and as a rice replacement for Chinese dishes. Saute it with butter, onions, and bells, to get rid of the cabbagey taste first.

Haven't had any luck with cauliflower, though, have you? It still tastes pretty much like dirt, or something close to it.

kitchenelf 07-05-2005 12:35 PM

Thanks for the suggestions and a big pat on the back to you!!!!!! I love the low carb tortilla wraps.

If you don't have a stovetop smoker you should get one. They add a whole new meaning to flavor.

htc 07-05-2005 01:01 PM

Congrats Rob, that's such a big accomplishment!

Low carb staples in my pantry/fridge: veggies (of course), beans/lentils/split peas, and squash. I love squash soup and spaghetti squash!

Rob Babcock 07-05-2005 11:41 PM

I just had spaghetti squash on the 3rd. I do eat a lot of cabbage, too- usually stir fried in some butter and oil. Obviously there's a lot of low carb stuff. But it's nice to have a few "indulgences" now and then.

Anybody a fan of low carb candy? I really like the Russell Stover ones. They're so good that I can't stand regular candy anymore- it's just too sweet. RS makes pretty good sugarless gummi bears, too.

Rob Babcock 07-05-2005 11:42 PM

I almost forgot another really good one- Carbdown Flatbread. Very very tasty, and good for wraps, sandwhiches, little pizzas and bruschetta.

wasabi 07-06-2005 12:46 AM

Way to go Rob! I started up again with low carb, The first go round, I lost 30 pounds. Then came the holidays and you know how that goes. I've been on it for a week now and have lost 5 pounds. May I suggest Dreamfields pasta. It has 5g digestible carbs per serving. A serving is 3/4 cup, dry. When I go to my fav Italian restaurant, I bring along a little baggy of cooked pasta and order my meal pasta-less. Good stuff......wasabi

Rob Babcock 07-06-2005 04:59 AM

I'll have to look for that, Wasabi. Good low carb pasta would be very appealing- most of it tastes like cardboard!:rofl:

TexasBlueHeron 07-06-2005 08:05 AM

low-carb pastas
Dreamfield's is fabulous. And not expensive. There is another brand - R&F - that bills itself as "reduced carb" pasta. It has lasagna, which I haven't seen in Dreamfield's. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart phased out all the low-carb stuff a few weeks ago, and there is no other place nearby for low-carb that isn't waaaay too pricey.

Also, there is a brand called CarbSense foods that has some baking mixes, biscuit mix, lemon cookie mix that's really good. Pricey, too, unless it's on sale (closeout at Wal-M. natch).

Old London makes a Carbsensible Italia appetizer toast that is really tasty with cheese or whatever on top. Again, a phaseout in our area, but good while it lasted.

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