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Piccolina 08-01-2005 02:25 AM

Fav pasta shape?
Hi everyone,

I know this one is a tough to answer (I can't pick one, let alone 5 so I won't ask you to pick just 1 or 2 :mrgreen:)...

But (if you eat pasta) what are your top favorite shapes, varities, or even flavours (spinach, saffron, squid/cuttlefish ink, etc) of pasta?

Rob Babcock 08-01-2005 03:00 AM

I like faralle or bowtie pasta; it depends upon the dish, of course, but short, neat shapes are less messy. And I can really make a mess!:rofl:

Penne is good, too, especially mini penne. I also like to use shells for some things. When I was growing up my mom used to make what she called goulash, although I later learned it bore no resemblance to real goulash. It was basically burger browned with onions in tomato sauce, mixed into macaroni or shells and a can of corn. To this day I have a soft spot for comfort stuff like that.

ironchef 08-01-2005 03:08 AM

Linguine. From just Alio Olio to Bolognese, linguine can go with everything. Spaghetti is a close second.

luvs 08-01-2005 04:50 AM

i love it all but my but my favorites are angelhair and my homemade spinach cheese ravioli.

Chopstix 08-01-2005 06:24 AM

I buy only Spaghettini, thinner than spaghetti but much thicker than angel hair. It has to be cooked al dente or I won't eat it.
Also I prefer my pasta 'naked', just lightly tossed with olive oil and just a few ingredients. I don't like tomato-based or cream-based sauces as it drowns out the pasta.

The best pasta I had recently at a restaurant was spaghetti tossed in olive oil, chili, garlic, white wine, and fresh scallops. YUM!

GB 08-01-2005 07:57 AM

Read what Rob Babcock said, but put my name there instead of his. seriously he said everything I would have said :smile: Thanks for doing the typing for me Rob :mrgreen:

Ishbel 08-01-2005 08:40 AM

Tagliatelle, farfalle, rigatoni and ordinary penne and spaghetti.

Robo410 08-01-2005 10:11 AM

cooking for one? rotini or penne; cooking a potful? angel hair to linguini. whole wheat? sure. flax seed/spinach, you betcha! make my own? twice. buy fresh? often.

salted water, no rinse, dress with sauce immediately. (rinse for a pasta salad sure.)

kadesma 08-01-2005 11:15 AM

I love angel hair with something lite such as evoo, garlic,parsley..When I make my mom's and m-i-l's sauce, It needs a heavy pasta to hold it, so homemade ravioli, penne, rigatoni, are what I use..I like to make home made pasta, but dry is perfect for the heavy sauces and great when you want pasta and just don't have time to make your own or the dish would not work with fresh.


Piccolina 08-01-2005 11:29 AM

Looks like I have company :mrgreen:, as angel hair is my favourite pasta too! Followed closely by gnocchi, fusilli col buco (long threads of fusilli), gemelli, and farfalle...yum-yum I think I know what's on the diner menu tonight!

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