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jkath 09-27-2005 11:29 AM

POLL: What ONE color is painted on more walls in your house?
What ONE color is painted on the most wall space in your home?

Mine is yellow - my favorite color. It's sunny and happy :smile:

GB 09-27-2005 11:34 AM

When we first moved into our house it was green. It seemed that the previous owners loved green and wanted it in just about every room. We have since changed that. Now we only have two rooms that share the same color (but much different shades) and that would be a beige/brown. More beige in the living room and more of a brown in the breezeway.

Raine 09-27-2005 11:44 AM

Ours are mostly wallpaper.

Alix 09-27-2005 11:50 AM

Are you talking ONE colour? Because we have several shades of yellow/cream in the main living areas, but we somehow all chose different shades of blue for our bedrooms. Weird huh?

pdswife 09-27-2005 11:53 AM

Our walls are all a oatmealy camely very light brown and the ceilings are all one shade darker. It was a new house when we bought it a few years ago and sadly the painting had all ready been done when we found it. It's very dull. When the house needs painting again we'll brighten it up some. I have the neatest plans for the upstairs guest bedroom. I can't wait. I've got some of the art work already. Just waiting to find all the other items that I've dreamed about.:smile::smile:

crewsk 09-27-2005 11:53 AM

Technically, off-white can be any color other color than white.:tongue: Sorry, my brother is the manager of a Sherwin Williams store & has been with them for 15 years. One of his pet peeves is when someone walks in asking for off-white paint. Oh well, he'll get over it, all my walls are off-white. As I get the time & $ though, my dining room(which is our office now) will be a light mauve, Savannah's room will be pale purple, & I haven't decided on anything else yet.

middie 09-27-2005 12:22 PM

mine are like an eggshell/ antique white.
the bathroom will soon be a very light blue

jkath 09-27-2005 01:23 PM


Originally Posted by crewsk
Technically, off-white can be any color other color than white.:tongue:

You're not kidding! My parents had always had "eggshell" white, and when they finally decided to repaint, (it took over a year to choose a color), they made the crazy transition to (:ohmy: *gasp!*:ohmy: )"navajo white". They kept commenting on the extreme color change. It looked pretty much the same to me.
I'm the opposite. I painted my living room deep dark hunter green, and then, 7 years later, got bored and made it custard yellow.

Earlzach 09-27-2005 01:44 PM

Every room and hall "antique white"

Each room is complimented with different curtain shades and such to make each look different. It works.

licia 09-27-2005 02:15 PM

I think Home Depot calls it country white which is really a soft creamy white. When dh retired - we painted every room except the bathrooms and kitchen the country white. The kitchen is wallpapered in white with blue and pink antique vases and pitchers with some flowers. The wainscoting and chairrails are both white. The bathrooms are beadboard - one is pale grey and the other is a blue color - something between a dark baby blue and periwinkle. Our house was built in 1949, but has been upgraded and added on so much that everyone thinks it is only a few years old. DH built a wonderful cabinet in my DR and put doors with black chicken wire on them. It is one of my favorite things.

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