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mish 10-14-2005 12:42 PM

Favorite TV Shows - Are You As Bored As I Am?
I thought I didn't watch much TV and was getting bored with what's "on," but since my cable has been out for two days I'm starting to miss some of my favorites...and getting a little cranky I might add.

I miss the days of long running great shows, that simply don't compare (IMO), i.e. a Thursday night line up of Cheers and Frasier, or All In the Family, (the Norman Lear days) etc. The Survival and reality shows turn me "off."

I don't do the Pay Per View or rent a box(?) My favorites are probably not considered mainstream or high on the Nielson ratings, but here are some I like. Mostly I watch movies, but the amc (American Movie Classics), do not air the true classics. What do you watch & how many hours a day?

Not in any particular order:

Food Network
Forensic Files/Court TV
Will & Grace (took me a while to accept the subject matter)
Wife Swap
The Biggest Loser
Roseanne (reruns)
Sex and the City
The Apprentice

I'm sure there are a few more but, have to take a call. Will get back.

pdswife 10-14-2005 12:53 PM

We watch TOO MUCH tv around here...

Our favorites...

Stargate SG1

GB 10-14-2005 01:12 PM

Here are just a few of my favorites...

Simpsons - by far my favorite

Arrested Development - very clever humor

Prison Break - the first episode sucked me in so now I need to watch to the end even though it is not as good as the first episode.

24 - We wait until it is out on DVD and then rent them all over the course of a weekend or long weekend, so don't spoil this season for me :)

My Name Is Earl

South Park

The Apprentice (Trump, not Martha) - I was, and still am, very anti-reality TV shows, but DW wanted to watch The Apprentice when it first came out so I said I would watch it with her. It quickly sucked me in and now I watch it every week and she could care less if she misses it.

Nova - depending on the subject

Various TLC type channel programs - Things like Expeditions To The Edge, Modern Marvels, Mythbusters, and a variety of others.

mish 10-14-2005 01:16 PM

Wanted to "sound off" on cable/tv a bit. I can't get any reception unless I subscribe to the only cable co in my area. (Dish is not an option at the present time.) Cable wants you to spend even more $$ for pay per view and extras...so what they call American Movie Classics, never include movies circa 1940-1950 - the true classics. The same old same old movies are aired over and over - and not very good ones at that. I liked Shawshank and A Few Good Men, but how many times can they air the same movies and old stale sitcoms and expect people to pay for cable.

Re classic old b/w movies on tv, haven't seen them around in years. Use to have a film library I taped from tv. They're almost non-existent now. Wondering if Ted Turner bought all the rights in some package deal? I know that there are certain legal ramifications if even a two minute clip is aired on tv, without a boatload of studio execs and the legal dept signing consent forms. But, what good are these great films, if they are sitting locked up in a film vault(?), in the can on a shelf.

And...what happened to the old b/w tv shows like The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock. Where are the old Fred and Ginger, Busby Berkley, Groucho Marx etc movies? I miss classic TV. Remakes of Gilligan's Island and shows like Fear Factor - very bad TV. SNL - So disappointing. The great cast may be gone, but the show has been "dead air" for me for years.

Re cable - I get approx. 3 cable news shows & a weather channel, (when I can watch it on regular tv), several shopping shows, and foreign language programs. Shows I would not watch, let alone pay for.

IMO, if there were more "quality" tv shows on air, we wouldn't need or have or pay for cable TV.

licia 10-14-2005 03:51 PM

We have satellite - direct tv - lots of channels and still nothing to watch most of the time. I'm amazed at what is called entertainment - even the commercials are stupid most of the time. I like hgtv and food network more in the daytime than at night. I ususally watch the forensic programs on court tv and a & e.

Raven 10-14-2005 04:00 PM

We too watch way too much TV.

They screwed around on all the CSI shows until I quit watching all but CSI-NY.

My Favs: (in no particular order except how they hit my brain :mrgreen:)

  1. Are You Being Served?
  2. Survivor
  3. Amazing Race
  4. Big Brother
  5. CSI-NY
  6. Navy NCIS
  7. Ed, Edd and Edd (my daughter got me hooked)
  8. Spongebob Squarepants (again, my daughter...)
  9. Futurama!
  10. Scooby Doo! (the original... I got my daughter hooked :mrgreen:)
  11. Any B&W horror movie :mrgreen: (not that slash and gush garbage they're putting out today)
~ Raven ~

texasgirl 10-14-2005 04:37 PM

We watch too much too

CSI {All 3 three, miami, las vegas and ny}
Close to home
Without a trace
Desperate housewives

I can't believe I forgot Grays Anatomy:wacko:

licia 10-14-2005 05:24 PM

I enjoy some of the British comedies on Saturday night - Keeping up Appearances and As time goes by - especially. I used to enjoy To the manor born and the one about neighbors, but haven't seen them in quite a while.

-DEADLY SUSHI- 10-14-2005 06:42 PM

Doctor Who (new episodes)
Las Vegas
Boston Legal
The Simpsons
The Family Guy
Iron Chef
Law and Order:CI (i think the others suck)

KAYLINDA 10-14-2005 10:11 PM

Will and Grace
The Nanny
The Golden Girls
And 1 detective show that I watch late at night that I really like but can't remember the name....hehehe.
And any good movie that involves "love"... or kids in dramatic situations....

And believe it or not...most of the time I hate food shows! Wonder why?

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