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luckytrim 02-22-2006 03:11 PM

trivia 2/22
Did you know ??
This week we celebrated "President's Day"
But what exactly is being celebrated?
Washington’s birthday. Until 1968, Washington’s Birthday was officially celebrated on February 22 (which happens to be his birthday). That year, Congress passed the Uniform Holidays bill, assigning special Mondays to serve as national holidays. The third Monday in February became Washington’s Birthday, and although many states call it “Presidents Day,” it is still legally “Washington’s Birthday.” Ironically, the latest date on which Washington’s Birthday can now fall is February 21 . . . making it impossible for Washington’s Birthday to fall on Washington’s birthday
1. what is the circumference of the earth at the equator?
2. what's the top speed of the fastest hummingbird?
3. can you name the three presidents who died on july fourth?
4. what club did alan shepard take with him to hit golf balls the moon?
5. name the second novel in the DUNE series.
6. what is the flat area that skiers stop on called?
great britain was the first country to issue postage stamps.
1. 25,000 MILES
2. 70 miles per hour (45mph?)
4. a six iron (a nine iron?)
6. the outrun
the first stamp in the world was issued in england in 1840, thanks to the efforts of rowland hill, a schoolmaster who invented the adhesive postage stamp three years earlier and was knighted for his efforts.

pdswife 02-22-2006 03:13 PM

Well... I knew that we celebrated Pres. day this week! Do I get a point for that???? LOLOLOLOL

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