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Anonymous 02-22-2002 01:23 AM

Balsamic vinegar, now what?
At a recent fund raising event, I was fortunate(?) enough to win a large bottle of high quality Balsamic vinegar. I've never used it before and was wondering if anyone had any tips? All I know so far is that it comes from Modena, Italy (according to the label!).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Carol7368 02-22-2002 04:05 AM

Boy, what a lucky one you are! That could very well be a terrific gift/prize. Some Balsamics are better than others; but if you play around with it, you should be pleased. My favorite thing to do with it, other than making a salad dressing (especially with walnuts) is to drizzle (not very much) it over strawberries in your prettiest champagne glass or a nice crystal dish. It is a sweet taste rather than vinegary and it goes so well with ice cream and fruit. You can use just the tiniest amount and it is amazing. I'll check around for some recipes that you can take advantage of with this nice gift.

kitchenelf 02-22-2002 09:09 AM

Balsamic suggestions.....
Carol - that is my absolute favorite thing to do with balsamic. Sometimes if strawberries are not very sweet I will mix a little brown sugar in with the balsamic. It's hard to convince someone to put vinegar on strawberries !!! LOL

You are also right about the walnuts. When I feel rich I will buy walnut oil and mix with balsamic for a salad dressing - with toasted walnuts - YUM.

I also like to cut up different vegetables (carrots, rutabegas, turnips, shallots, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, etc.) place in a shallow pan, drizzle with olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper and roast - about 350° to 375° for 30-45 minutes or depending what sizes your pieces are cut in. You might also have to turn the pieces 1/2 way through cooking.

I have also heard, but never tried, babyback ribs with nothing but balsamic vinegar on them then grilled. We should be willing to try this if we eat it with strawberries!!!!

Try a splash on fresh sliced cucumbers, or tomatoes, or vidalia onions, or a combination of all 3!

MARY - all balsamic vinegar should come from Modena - I've never seen it from any other place. If it doesn't come from there I would not buy it. What a great prize!!!!

I'd love to hear what you do with it first!

Carol7368 02-22-2002 10:19 AM

Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Classic proportions for vinaigrette dressing are one part vinegar to three parts oil, with seasoning of salt, pepper and Dijon-style mustard (a teaspoonful of mustard for every half cup of dressing is typical). However the flavor of balsamic vinegar is intense, and with olive oil or a light vegetable oil, I would recommend proportions of one part vinegar to four or five of oil. With the fragrance of nut oils such as walnut and hazelnut the balance changes back again, possibly to one of balsamic, three of oil. Other flavorings for a balsamic vinaigrette might include herbs (chives and sage are particularly good), finely chopped fresh ginger root or shallot, but I find garlic incompatible with the vinegar’s sweetness. It is all a question of adjusting the finished dressing to your taste, bearing in mind what it will accompany.

Found this on a forum and thought it might be a good basic recipe to keep on hand. Yes, my husband thought I had lost my mind when I told him what was on the strawberries! I have to let him taste things before springing the "good news" about the ingredients. He's a brave and trusting soul....
I'm game for trying the ribs (I can put barbecue sauce on "road kill" and be happy) so this will be a new experience for me. I can see Bob's in for another surprise! Thanks for the recipe...LOL, Carol

kitchenelf 02-22-2002 12:08 PM

LOL, Bob shouldn't mind being your guinea pig - it's better than a laboratory rat!!!! Tell him not to push his luck!!!!!! ;-)

Carol7368 02-22-2002 01:01 PM

He's been going through this for 33 years, so he knows to eat first and ask questions later! I haven't surprised him badly on too many occasions!;) LOL, Carol

PrincessinAK 07-16-2005 05:21 PM

I love mixing balsamic vinegar w/ evoo and dipping fresh kalamata bread in it for a snack. I don't really use it for much of anything else that I can think of right now.

I just might try it w/ fresh strawberries now that I've read about it here even though it does sound strange...:smile:

Ishbel 07-16-2005 05:42 PM

Apart from 'zhuzzing' up a salad dressing. I love to add it to a pan of seared tuna before serving.

When I mascerate strawberries (one tablespoonful of caster sugar to a punnet of strawberries) - I add a few dashes of balsamic vinegar, together with fresh mint leaves, torn up and tossed with the strawberries and vinegar. Chill for at least an hour and then serve with Cornish clotted cream. BLISSSSSSS:chef:

IcyMist 07-18-2005 05:13 AM

Ishbel I want to come visit you.......well at least until you bring out the haggis. That sounds yummy, tuna not the haggis. :)

Ishbel 07-18-2005 08:14 AM

As I've told Alix - the B&B is always open!

PS If you want to avoid the haggis - make sure you visit between about May and October - we tend not to eat it during the warmer months :cool:

The funny thing is: I love to cook puddings of all types, but as a diabetic, I very, very, very, very (you get the idea) seldom eat any of the delicious puds that I prepare :mrgreen:

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