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kleenex 03-27-2006 05:43 PM

Spring break at Wal-Mart

Because you just want to be different.

mudbug 03-28-2006 01:03 PM

or because you have no imagination. Read this on the web this a.m. - can't think of a bigger waste of time.

-DEADLY SUSHI- 03-28-2006 01:13 PM

It says this guy has a girlfriend?? :huh:

GB 03-28-2006 01:15 PM

Waste of time is right!

phinz 03-28-2006 04:27 PM

Actually, I think it's quite clever. That's so far outside the box it's comical. Kind of reminds of The Terminal, but WalMart style.

mudbug 03-28-2006 04:28 PM

phinz, women who look like Catherine Zeta-Jones rarely hang out at WalMart.

phinz 03-28-2006 04:35 PM

I avoid WalMart like the plague. My experience stopping in Homestead/Florida City on the way out here to Key Largo just reinforced that. It was insane. I have never seen such a crowded store full of people buying junk. There were some *beautiful* Cuban ladies there, though.

I normally do most of my business with local stores. I'd rather keep my money in the community than send it to some nationwide or worldwide chain.

mish 03-28-2006 05:09 PM

I would have gone to Bed, Bath & Beyond. :lol:

middie 03-28-2006 05:12 PM

I like Mish's idea lol

mish 03-28-2006 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by middie
I like Mish's idea lol

They would probably need a Search & Rescue Team to get me out of there, Middie. :lol:

There must be something in the air today... the members here have really made me laugh.

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