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SizzlininIN 04-05-2006 08:21 PM

Prayers needed!
Got a call and was told my husbands nephew OD'd . A few more minutes he would of passed away. They think he may have suffered a mini stroke as a result. Please say a prayer for him and his family.

Michelemarie 04-05-2006 08:57 PM

I'm sorry to hear this news. I will pray for him and his family. Hugs to you.

wasabi 04-05-2006 09:58 PM

Prayers will be sent his way and for your family.

-DEADLY SUSHI- 04-05-2006 10:35 PM

You got it! Prayers for him and your family. Im really VERY sad to hear that. :sad:

corazon 04-05-2006 10:45 PM

wow! A heartfelt hug to you and your family. I hope he recovers well.

pdswife 04-05-2006 10:45 PM

Prayers and hugs.

middie 04-05-2006 11:06 PM

You got it Sizz. I'm sorry to hear about this.

Raven 04-06-2006 01:41 AM

http://www.discusscooking.com/attach...a198218f00.gif Prayers headed your way.

~ Raven ~

VickiQ 04-06-2006 05:33 AM

Heartfelt Prayers for you and your family.Love and energy, Vicki

ronjohn55 04-06-2006 06:04 AM


Originally Posted by SizzlininIN
Please say a prayer for him and his family.

Absolutely! Done and Done.


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