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Mr_Dove 04-06-2006 01:06 PM

ISO: Apricot Chicken Recipe
Please post your favorite recipe for apricot chicken. I have apricot preserves and also a can of apricot halves if needed.

amber 04-06-2006 01:10 PM

Mine is an easy recipe. I pound out my chicken breasts, then stuff them with sharp cheddar cheese, roll up the breasts. Place in glass baking dish, pour as much apricot preserves as you like over the breasts, add a few pats of butter, and bake til chicken is done and the preserves are somewhat carmelized. Very tasty.

Constance 04-07-2006 10:57 AM

Ooh, Amber, that sounds yummy! I have apricot preserves in my cupboard! I'm putting this on my up-coming menu list. Thanks for the great idea!

SizzlininIN 04-07-2006 11:00 AM

I'm going to have to give this a try as I love the flavor of apricot preserves.

I use a combination of these preserves with, dijon mustard and honey on ham (grilled on the BBQ)......I think I'll have to try it out on chicken also.

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