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texasgirl 05-03-2006 01:31 PM

UGH! I hate waiting for financing!
I have my pt cruiser, but, it was late and now I have to wait because I didn't like the payments and their trying to find a lender that will go lower.

Last night was soooo awful. I had to go 72 miles to this dealership. It took an hour and a half. I went after work and got there at 5:30. The salesman went through his little stuff and back and forth on the payments, finally agreed with it. Then off to the finance dept. ,which I waited an hour for that.
He tried to tell me the high payment again and I said NO, then went through the same speech and finally got on the same page with me. THEN told me that he could only get me 15.9%:ohmy: EXCUSE ME? NO WAY!!! I said "That's fine, if that's how it's going to go, then don't bother, I want my car keys back" and got my purse and walked out to find the salesman that had my keys. By this time, I was almost in tears because it was 8:15 and I have night blindness and can't drive well, plus, I was in an area that I have never been in. The finance guy comes running out, get's the salesman and the guy over all of them and all 3 come to me and tell me not to worry, they will get the payments down even if they have to give me more for my trade in or take off of the price of the pt and hand me the keys to the pt and told me to take it home and they would straighten it out tomorrow {today}. I told them no, I don't want to take it home and then find out tomorrow that I can't have it. I want MY keys back to forget it. They keep at me and I take the pt home. It's pitch black and no lights for 40 miles. I got lost!!!:sad: I can't tell distance or direction at night unless it's a road that I know very well. So, my oldest son, who was with me, thank goodness, calls dh and tells him. I'm freaking out and they are both telling me the chill out and look for this or that. I get turned around and just keep driving the direction of a town that I know, FINALLY, I know where I am. I am going to stop and Mcdonalds since it is so late, get up there, cash only!! So, I have to go to Arby's next door, the only 2 in my direction, and go home. I'm almost home, dark on my streets too, and out of the woods, comes a HUGE racoon. I am only going 25 and then get disoriented on the brakes, this is a 5 speed, I've been driving an automatic, and can't stop in time. It ran straight under my tire and I killed the poor little thing:sad: . I finally get home crying and tell dh what happened and do you know what he had the nerve to tell me??? "Hey, it's still fresh, go back and get it":sick: Of course he's joking ,but, I cried more. Big freaking baby!!:mad: And I know a few of you, bucky and ronjohn, will get a good laugh out of that!!
Another thing, it has some navigational thing in it and I hit that button when we got in to go home and we couldn't get the radio on. Now I know what the meaning of the phrase, "So quiet, it's deafening" I was going crazy without sound:wacko: At the Arby's, I shut off the car and restarted and it reset, works great!!
Anyway, now I'm waiting for them to call and tell me if they found someone to come down on the payments or, it's going back.
I don't want to take it back, I absolutely LOVE it!! I haven't even put the top down yet, but, I am this afternoon!!:smile:

Now this sounds like a comedy. Except for the poor little critter, I can laugh about it now.

Andy M. 05-03-2006 01:37 PM

don't worry. They were working on you to wear you down so you'd agree to the higher price. They do that by keeping you there for hours until you get tired and give in. Good for you not to let that happen. I think you will get what you want.

What a great time of year to get a new convertable! Congratulations.

SizzlininIN 05-03-2006 01:39 PM

Oh Tex.......for such a happy occasion you were really put through the ringer. I hope it all turns out ok. And I'm sorry about the coon......I know how that feels.

texasgirl 05-03-2006 01:43 PM

Thanks!! I knew the payments would be more anyway because of it being 2 years newer, a convertible and having more options that were on my Escape. It doesn't even have 8,000 miles on it either. I'm excited, I've always wanted a convertible!! LOL

corazon 05-03-2006 01:47 PM

I hate that! You are willing to spend good money and they take advantage of it! Good for you, standing up for yourself! I'm sorry you got lost though! What a fiasco! And the racoon, it was probably sufting through your garbage anyway. I think I hit an owl once, talk about bad omen! I don't really know for sure, it was dark and I was on the interstate. It just flew right infront of my windshield! When I was about 12, I saw a dog get hit. It was in a busy street and that car didn't see him. I covered my ears and closed my eyes but I still heard the poor thing. It will forver be imprinted in my mind.

Congrats on the new car! Sounds like you'll enjoy driving with the top down!

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