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luckytrim 05-10-2006 02:35 PM

Trivia 5/9
Sorry, i'm late!

Did you know…

Why is the sky blue? It's because molecules that make up our atmosphere scatter sunlight around the sky. The colors the atmosphere scatters best are violet and blue. Since our eyes are more sensitive to blue light, we perceive the sky to be blue. Never judge a sky by its cover.
1. name the country that tried and failed in 2003 to pass a "flatulence tax", which would have required farmers to pay 9¢ per sheep, 54¢ per steer and 74¢ per dairy cow, every year.
2. what is the english for "ménage a trois" ?
3. how long is a fortnight?
4. if i'm "fossicking", what am i searching for?
5. what do you call a litter of piglets?
6. what does a speleologist study?
africa's lake victoria is the largest body of fresh water in the world.
1. new zealand (australia)
2. "FAMILY OF THREE" or "household of three" both are correct
4. gold (??)
5. a farrow (??)
lake superior has that distinction, having an area of about 5,000 more square miles than victoria. number three would also be a great lake (huron), and number four in size would be a great lake (michigan) as well

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