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vilasman 06-05-2006 10:03 PM

Locking up the good stuff
I am getting paranoid or does anyone else keep their good pans and knives and such locked so they don't have to fight the urge to do their significant other bodily harm?

ironchef 06-05-2006 10:17 PM

Are you serious or what?

Michael in FtW 06-05-2006 10:24 PM

Makes perfect sense to me ... assuming you WANT your SO to become interested in cooking and become a better cook ... so you don't take the time to teach them and lock up the good stuff ... leaving them only the crappy stuff you wouldn't cook with. Yeah buddy, that will help the situation! Like Ironchef said .. are you serious????

ironchef 06-05-2006 10:54 PM


Originally Posted by Michael in FtW
Makes perfect sense to me ... assuming you WANT your SO to become interested in cooking and become a better cook ... so you don't take the time to teach them and lock up the good stuff ... leaving them only the crappy stuff you wouldn't cook with. Yeah buddy, that will help the situation! Like Ironchef said .. are you serious????

LOL Mike I actually read it a little bit different. I read it as significant other being wife, gf, etc.

SizzlininIN 06-06-2006 12:17 AM


Originally Posted by ironchef
Are you serious or what?

:smile: I so read it that way too iron!

vilasman 06-06-2006 06:17 AM

My SO, significant other, wife, is the better cook but she is also 10 yrs younger then me, extremely... hard headed, routinely grabs at whatever is closest to do the job, and then throws it in the sink when finished. She also tries to do everything with minimal effort and maximum speed.
So wood handled knives wind up in the bottom of a muck and water filled sink, eggs get cooked in a anolon pan with a metal spatula cause she can't (well dosen't put forth the effort to ) get under them with a rubber or teflon one,( I tried hiding them) and while we have pretty full sets of anolon, SS and cast iron pans, cast iron gets pretty much ruled out because of weight ( she remarked over the weekend, you never let me make cornbread in your cast iron pans, i just looked at her) and between anolon and SS it comes down to which ever she can reach first, so stuff that is prone to stick gets SS and stuff that wouldn't stick if you put glue in it winds up in anolon. My wife is also prone to putting stuff in the oven or on the stove top and then going off to do something else. Occasionally resulting in a thoroughly blackened pot or a oven that stays on all day.
As I consider getting rid of the Ultrex II that my MIL gave us as a wedding present and she said to me about it... I know my child, because, it's pretty well scraped and I am currently trying to find a 12" anolon to match the one I have, (got about 5-6 house guest for the weekend and I will wind up making eggs, pancakes and waffles at ounce/ she likes eggs and I like pancakes on a regular, 2 pans will make breakfast go faster)...
And took my pan to my chef friend who was going trolling for such things yesterday, she looked at my pan and was like EGADS! (not that word, but close enough) She then remarked about how eventually it would peel and how I really should be cooking eggs in a 4" or 6" pan that is reserved for nothing but eggs. To which I replied, no matter how I set out to cook eggs, most of the time they wind up scrambled. To which she replied if I had a decent egg pan it would be a lot easier. Anyway after all of this back and forth I determined that I would get a decent anolon 12" cause I just love that pan and a egg pan and when my wife finally tells me that I need to stop using metal utensils in the non sticks I would let her use the good ones.
That may well take her seeing a couple of nice new looking pans that she can't get too, while seeing bits of pan in her food, or food sticking in the cracks of a pan she has scraped up.
Mind you, she didn't appreciate the non stick qualities of anolon, until she used some walmart non stick over the weekend.

buckytom 06-06-2006 06:19 AM

i just surrendered my last piece of emerilware for my wife to destroy. somehow, she's been able to ruin the non-stick coating of 2 sets of emerilware. (yes, 2 sets. i bought dw a set when we were dating. i figured she might enjoy learning how to cook if she had good equipment. lol, i ended up learning. but, i liked it so much, being the first set of decent cookware that i've ever used that i bought my own set. that was a mistake)

she destroyed the original set, and i've been trying to keep her from ruining mine, er, our other set. (still getting used to the "hers is hers -- mine is ours/hers" dealio). fortunately, i can still keep her from using my stuff, if i just put something heavy enough on top of it that she can't move...:devil:

that didn't work with my cats tho... (j/k)

alas, my emerilware has heard the fat lady sing. so it's off to a restaurant supply store in the near future for new pots and pans, all stainless steel this time around.

and as far as weaponry goes, the reason we don't have hand guns in our house is for fear of being the target.

Haggis 06-06-2006 08:22 AM

Certain things don't get cleaned by other members of my household. These include; my wok, stainless steel pan, cast iron grill pan and chef's knife.

I very rarely do any of the dishwashing at home (I cook, I don't clean), but those things I take care of as I don't want anyone taking accidently taking dishwashing liquid and/or steel wool to them. Most of the time I do most of the cleaning before I sit down to eat as it is easiest that way. Plus there is the added task of seasoning and sharpening when needed.

SizzlininIN 06-06-2006 09:15 AM

DH occasionally helps out with the dishes but it always seems to be when I'm not around and ultimately my cutting board or cast iron skillet always end up being found in the bottom of mucky water when I return. So needless to say I wasn't happy with a warped cutting board or a rusty skillet, however, he did try to help out so I just calmly explained why he couldn't do that. Did it work..............NO! The bugger did the same thing to my cast iron the other day.......so I had to scour and reseaon the thing all over. I've learnt to immed. clean my cutting board so he doesn't ruin another.

Andy M. 06-06-2006 09:38 AM


Originally Posted by SizzlininIN
...so I had to scour and reseaon the thing all over...

Sounds like a job for the offending hubby.

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