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Constance 06-29-2006 11:57 AM

REC: Guacamole
Have you ever just thrown something together and have it turn out great?
I had a couple of avacados that I'd intended to use for a salad or Mexican dish, but a friend dropped by last night, and I ended up making guacamole instead.
I didn't have any fresh tomatoes, limes or chips, but I improvised.

First I used a pizza slicer to cut flour tortillas into small wedges. I lined a cookie sheet with foil, dumped on some olive oil, then tossed the tortillas in the oil and salted them. I put them in the oven at 375, and tossed them about every 5 minutes, making sure they were separated, until they were crisp and begining to brown. I tasted one, and added a bit more salt.

The guacamole itself consisted of about a tablespoon of diced onion; a teaspoon of diced garlic from the jar; two avacados mashed with a fork; a couple of tablespoons of Pace Piquante Sauce, drained; salt to taste; about half a lemon, squeezed; and Louisiana Hot Sauce, to taste. (Actually, I seasoned it to my taste, then DH and our guest spiced it up some more...I'm always a little timid with the hot sauce.)

It turned out to be the best guacamole I've ever made. :tongue:

PS...now that I think about it, I believe I also added about 1/2 teaspoon of cumin.

texasgirl 06-29-2006 12:29 PM

Guacamole is so versitile isn't it? You could put just about anything in it and it would be good. Good job on the quick thinking.

licia 06-29-2006 12:59 PM

I like guacamole most any way, but to me it is better without tomatoes. I always eat tomatoes when I eat it so don't need it included. Lucky are the people who happen to stop in at your place, always a treat.

Chief Longwind Of The North 06-29-2006 01:04 PM

I too love guacamole and yours sounds really good. The only difference between what you made and what I usually make is that I like Tobasco brand Pepper sauce rather than Louisiana Hot Sauce.

My daughter added a bit of chopped, fresh cilantro to her last batch of guacamole. It was a wonderful addition.

Kudos to you Constance for your improve skills. But then again, you aways make such good stuff, at least as far as I can tell across cyber-space:lol: .

Seeeeeya; Goodweed of the North

Phil 06-29-2006 07:08 PM

Even sandwiches...
I slather a layer between my ham and swiss cheese. Great stuff.

Constance 06-29-2006 07:29 PM

I guess improvisation is one of my best skills. That's one reason I like to keep a well-stocked pantry.
Drop by anytime...my motto is "feed'em up and love'em up". You will leave well-fed and well-hugged.

Weed, I use Tobasco Sauce sometimes, but it's so easy to "over-dose" with it, because it's so strong.
I have a strong aversion to cilantro...that's a long story, and I won't bore you with the details.
I was surprised by how much I liked the lemon juice. I'd like to do a taste test between lemon and lime one of these days, to see which I prefer. And the Piquante Sauce actually worked better than the chopped fresh tomatoes that we usually use, because the the fresh tomatoes tend to get watery.

SNPiccolo5 06-29-2006 11:27 PM

To me, the perfect guac is avocado, garlic, red onion, lime juice, and of course, fresh cilantro, along with some chopped chili pepper. I agree that tomatoes usually aren't necessary. It is super versatile though, and what you did sounds really good. Fresh cilantro... one of my favorite ingredients...


Constance 06-30-2006 10:51 AM

You know, I first learned about guacamole when I was living in Texas, and they never used tomatoes in it, so I never did either.
Up here, people tend to add tomatoes. Hey, it's Illinois...what can you expect from Yanks? :lol:

BreezyCooking 06-30-2006 01:18 PM

Well, all I can say is - thanks a lot!! Lol!!

After reading this thread & then heading for the supermarket, my groceries were increased by 2 nice avocados (on sale), some fresh vine tomatoes, several fresh jalapeno peppers, a nice Vidalia onion, & a bag of tortilla chips.

nrkelly 07-01-2006 11:32 AM

I live in Texas. I've never had tomatoes in my guac. I'll have to try it sometime.

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