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barbie27 09-23-2006 12:14 PM

hi fr Fl
Hi Everyone-
This is my first time so I don't know exactly what to talk about, but I do
love food and cooking. I am a widow and cooking for one(not counting the cats) and will be looking for recipes that can be made in small amounts or are good for one person. Will just sit and watch for awhile and see where this goes.

Barbie 27

MJ 09-23-2006 12:23 PM

Welcome to our community!:chef:

shpj4 09-23-2006 02:15 PM

Barbie welcome to DC. You will learn lots of things including some great receipes from our wonderful chefs and cooks.

Happy Saturday.

Jill And Jolie

JoAnn L. 09-23-2006 09:10 PM

Welcome. This is a great place for recipes and lots of nice people to answer your questions. :smile:

jkath 09-23-2006 11:40 PM

Hi Barbie! So nice you've found us!
Do keep in mind that besides sharing amazingly wonderful recipes, there are folks here from all over the world who like to chit chat about all sorts of things too :smile: PS - tell us about your cats!

Anne 09-24-2006 02:02 AM

Hi Barbie! I have a special place in my heart for widows because many of us will be in your shoes someday. I don't know about recipes for one because I'm new here myself, but I hope you find what you're looking for. Welcome to DC! You will find not only recipes here, but friends as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


SpiritWolf 09-24-2006 05:42 AM

Hi Barbie from Aussie Land, I hope you get to love this site as much as the rest of us, its great, swapping recipies, talking about cooking problems, or just finding new ways in cooking, its all here, and yes, Please tell us about your cats, I have 3, and I love them all, we can even learn about new foods to feed our precious animals, my cats and dogs love new foods, I guess I am just lucky.
See you 4 now SpiritWolf.

Andy M. 09-24-2006 11:06 AM

Welcome aboard!

licia 09-25-2006 06:24 AM

I hope this is who I think it is. I've been waiting to see you post and hope you love it as much as I do. I would like to make Gretchen's pulled pork and have a bunch of us get together. Glad you are here and Welcome!

thumpershere2 09-25-2006 06:36 AM

Hi there Barbie and welcome to DC. Just join in and have fun.

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