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luckytrim 10-11-2006 02:31 PM

Trivia 10/11
trivia 10/11

Did you know...
The praying mantis is the only insect that can turn its head like a human. The praying mantis is the official state insect of Connecticut.

1. How many calories do you burn with a thirty-second kiss?
2. What product was the subject of the very first commercial jingle heard on American television?
(hint; "You'll stop paying the elbow tax when you start cleaning with _______.")
3. What job did George Clinton, Daniel Tompkins, Richard Johnson, William R. King, Andrew Johnson, Hannibal Hamlin and Henry Wilson, etc. have in common?

4. Which NFL team is named after a 19th-century poem?
5. To which of the fifty must I travel to visit the only National Park established to preserve the works of man rather than the works of nature?

6. What was the name of the doomed sword fishing boat featured in the movie, "the perfect storm"?
7. what assault weapon is named for the Hebrew for "God is my might"?
8. Which of the original thirteen colonies was founded as a refuge for debtors?

The two principal actors who played the role of the "Marlboro Man" died of lung cancer.

1. thirteen

5. COLORADO (it's the Mesa Verde National Park, site of ancient cliff dwellings- LT)
6. the "andrea gail"

7. uzi
Wayne McLaren and David McLean died of cancers that began in their lungs.
McLaren appeared in an anti-smoking ad near the end of his life in 1992, while McLean's widow filed a wrongful death suit against Phillip Morris Inc. a year after his death in 1996. As of 2005, a judgment was still pending.

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