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luckytrim 11-15-2006 03:08 PM

trivia 11/14
trivia 11/14
Did you know...
5 Most Germ-Ridden Places at Work
1. Phone
2. Desktop
3. Water fountain handle
4. Microwave door handle
5. Keyboard

1. Fill in the blank; as of 2005, according to health officials, there are _____ rats for every human in New York City.
2. If you are suffering from Coryza, what do you have?
3. In Kipling's "The Jungle Book", what sort of critter was named Bagheera ?
4. What oath do new nurses take at graduation?
5. what product was shilled by cartoon figures, (modeled after the "four tops" singing group) whose names were A.C., Beebop, Red and Stretch?

6. Fill in the blank;
Gerber's slogan, "Babies are our only business", was changed after the Company expanded into the business of selling __________.

7. what product used the ad slogan, "A woman never forgets a man who remembers!" ?
8. what powered the airplane, "Gossamer Condor"?

Johnny Cash spent a year of hard time behind bars at Folsom Prison.
2. a common cold
4. the florence nightingale pledge

Johnny did a few "overnights" at some local jails for rowdy behavior, he never did hard time at folsom or any other prison. His concerts there and at San Quentin are well known, though.

Incidentally, Country Icon Merle Haggard was in the audience for one of these concerts..... he was doing time for car theft.
Johnny is a member of both the Rock and Roll and the Country music Halls of Fame.

Alix 11-15-2006 04:18 PM

I was wondering where you'd got to LT. Missed you.

OK, I was about 50% today. And I'd like to add my 2 cents on the most germ ridden places. Women's purses. ICK. Buy a container of Lysol wipes and do your phone and keyboard first thing in the morning and you will cut down on the bugs you get by a LOT.

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