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BreezyCooking 12-15-2006 04:37 PM

Terrific Fingerling Potatoes
For the 2nd time I've picked up a small net bag of "Pacific Gold" brand "Restaurant-Style Fingerling Potatoes" from our local Safeway produce department, & once again have been more than pleased. While I don't have my sales slip in front of me, yeah, they're pricey, but the quality is fabulous & the quantity lasts just long enough to be just right for 2 people. So often I buy potatoes that end up turning because I'm just cooking for 2 & don't use potatoes every night.

Each small sack contains 3-4 varieties of small gourmet fingerling potatoes - a mix of red, white, gold, &/or blue/purple. They're so fresh, crisp, colorful & delicious, I find them worth every penny. So far I've made them mashed, boiled & buttered, & butter-sauteed, & they've been great every time.

I know that sometimes one comes across pricey stuff like this in their local produce department & isn't sure if it's worth it. If you come across these - it's worth it. :smile:

mudbug 12-15-2006 04:38 PM

I will have to check out my local Safeway, Breezy. I've been wanting to try these but have not run across them yet. thanks for the tip!

BreezyCooking 12-15-2006 05:19 PM

Do try them Mudbug - they're worth it. Safeway doesn't have them all the time, but they do crop up. And like I said, I don't recall what I paid for them, but do remember a momentary "gasp" at the price - lol!!!

But you know what, when I thought about all the cheaper regular potatoes I've had to toss because we didn't use them in time, the price for these delicious beauties were definitely worth it in more ways than one.

Not to mention they were a lot of fun to cook in different recipes because of their unique size.

Loprraine 12-15-2006 05:21 PM

I bought them at Whole Foods in Charlottesville, and they were fabulous. Tood bad my local grocery stores don't carry them.

kadesma 12-15-2006 05:44 PM

I agree, Breezy, At my market, I can get the mixed bag or a bag of the red, but my favorite is the Russian fingerlings, they look like the youkon golds on the inside and so good. I think a bag here was 4.99 but most of the other potatoes are already getting that soft touch when you squeeze them, YUK!
We enjoy them just about anyway we fix them.

Constance 12-15-2006 06:35 PM

You know, I love where I live. I'm just not a city woman. But when I hear of some of the things you all are able to buy in your local markets, I do get envious.
Now that my husband is retiring (Monday is his last day), he says he's going to get me out more, and take me on some short trips. There are a couple of larger towns down the road from us, one of which has a major university, so perhaps I can explore some of the larger grocery stores there. :smile:

Robo410 12-15-2006 08:47 PM

love to wrap fingerlings in bacon and roast with chicken or pork.

Nicholas Mosher 12-16-2006 07:58 AM

I like mine with a beurre blanc.

I simmer them in some chicken stock and white wine (with some minced shallot and a sprig of thyme) until tender, then take 'em out (along with the thyme). Next, I reduce the cooking liquid until it's almost gone, and I whisk in cool cubes of butter (being mindful of the sauce temp). I usually hit it with some minced herbs, white pepper, and a pinch of sugar. Then I lightly dress the taters with the sauce, and sprinkle them with flaked salt. Goes perfect with a few pounded out strips of grilled/broiled chicken and peas.

Nicholas Mosher 12-16-2006 08:04 AM

I see those blue peruvian taters all the time at the store, but I've never grabbed a sack to try out. I usually grab the little onion sack of fingerlings that are all of the semi-waxy gold variety.

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