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Jurdoc 02-03-2007 05:58 PM

Expecting first baby ... need quick, good food!
Well I am 24 years old and my wife and I are expecting our first child within the next 9 months. I already well enough know to be endearing and go out to buy cottage cheese and icecream at a whim...and never, ever joke about the size of certain parts that are growing. (or swelling) :rofl:

Anyways, I am hoping, perhaps there are a few experienced men (and women) out there that could give me some advice on (generally low cost) basic recipes, things that I can put together without having to break the bank or the clock. (I often work 50+ hr weeks) I want to be sure she eats healthy, and come to think of it, myself also.

oh yea. she is a vegan, however, CAN be persuaded to eat turkey, I'd LIKE her to eat fish or crab, but she'll only eat shrimp. She dislikes the "fishy" taste and the unique texture of fish. is there anything that I could prepare (in addition to the lowcost routine meals) that might give her a different perspective on fish?

any ladies who have gone through a pregnancy who had a husband who did something right (or wrong) let me know what you think. I'm a good husband and all, but I myself have complex health problems, and that my wife gets the best nutrition possible is probably, at this point, my most compelling concern.

Thanks for any help and don't hesitate to message me.


jpmcgrew 02-03-2007 07:28 PM

:smile: this is the first thing to consider with seafood and women that are expecting,
What You Need to Know about Mercury in Fish and Shellfish

Michelemarie 02-03-2007 09:59 PM

I ate alot of fresh fruits and veggies. I don't know much about vegan - but you need to make sure she is getting enough protein. Is she taking prenatal vitamins? Advice to you? Don't argue with her about anything, she is always right.:tongue:

TexanFrench 02-04-2007 01:37 AM

Prenatal vitamins are a must. You might try whizzing up some of the things she doesn't like to eat in a blender, along with other more tasty ingredients to hide the flavor of what she doesn't like.

My 1975 edition of "The Joy of Cooking" lists grams of proteins in various foods along with the calorie counts, and discusses the whole subject, starting on about p. 8. Don't know whether this is included in the latest version of the book or not, but the 1975 edition is still in print, I believe. (There might be better information elsewhere, and I'm sure someone on this discussion board can tell you so.)

To avoid "morning sickness" I found it very helpful to nibble constantly through the day. Not much, just enough to keep the tummy busy. A quarter slice of bread, or a cracker, or two grapes, or a swallow of milk, every 40 minutes or so.

Other than that, be appreciative and kind, and never, ever hint that you find her anything but beautiful--now or after the baby is born!

jkath 02-04-2007 02:12 AM

ditto on the prenatal vitamins!

It's wonderful that she'll eat turkey. Turkeys are very often so very cost effective! Purchase one at least 20 pounds, roast it and then freeze 1-meal-sized portions of meat. It's amazing how many meals you can get from just one bird!
With your turkey here a few suggestions:
Turkey soup (add as many veggies as you can)
Turkey sandwiches (besides tomatoes and lettuce, think about cucumbers, onions, & carrot shreds)
Hot turkey with an apple/nut chutney

Also, with those snacks that TexanFrench noted, a small serving of turkey broth with a couple of crackers is a very nice (healthy) goodie!

Claire 02-04-2007 08:09 AM

I always made up a basket of food for my sisters when they were coming home. For a new dad and a vegetarian wanna be mom, you really cannot beat pasta. If she eats ice cream, she is definitely not a vegan. But one of my sisters' husbands is a vegetarian. Tomato sauces are great, as is just olive oil, a bit of pepper (either hot or black or both) and garlic. Couscous is one form of pasta that is yummy and can be made vegan style (buy Near East brand, make it up with water or vegetarian broth, available in most stores. Then toss in raisins, nuts, and green onions). Vegetarian chili is easy to make as well. Remember it isn't the heat that makes chili great, it is the onions, mild or medium fresh peppers (go for the red rather than green if you're using bell peppers) and I can't emphasize this enough, CUMIN. Use canned beans; pintos, kidneys, black, or a combination. This is great over rice, Hawaiian style, or over spaghetti, Cincinnati style (to truly achieve the latter, put some cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice in the mix).

Baked potatoes with toppings of your choice. A vegan won't eat butter or cream. But brocolli or cauliflower, steamed,and olive oil and seasoninigs are pretty yummy.

Katie H 02-04-2007 09:38 AM

As for when she and the baby are home, if she's nursing she'll have to watch what she eats because baby can react.

Very spicy foods can cause baby discomfort. Eat normally at first and see if there are any reactions. Rest assured, baby will let you know. They don't need words to send messages.

Throughout the pregnancy enjoy every minute with your wife, be them good or uncomfortable. She'll appreciate your active involvement.

Once the baby is born the fun will really begin. Seriously, you'll be amazed at how quickly things change and the baby grows. It's almost like time-lapse photography. Savor those times, they are gone way too soon.

Get a camera and take lots and lots of photos. You will never regret it.

Then...enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!!

jpmcgrew 02-04-2007 09:44 AM


This stuff is really good and tastes good to, all you need to do is mix it with cold soy milk or rice milk.
Below are the ingredients in 1st link.
You can read the feedback on it on second link.I used drink it all the time it,s loaded with nutrition. in fact you should drink it to you can make it with milk if want for yourself. Just one a day should really give her a good amount of protein etc to go along with a healthy diet.

Nature's Plus Spiru-tein Shake Vanilla -- 2.4 lbs - Vitacost
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VeraBlue 02-04-2007 04:14 PM

Her health care provider should give her a list of foods that are best for both her and the growing baby. A vegan, vegetarian or complete carnivore all have to have certain amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc...to encourage excellent health. Ask the doctor or midwife.

Fresh is best, but frozen vegetables are usually packed at the peak. Dairy is important. Fruits at least twice a day. Whole grains as opposed to refined grains. Lean meat, or soy in your wife's case. Limit sugars and bad fats. Any thing that goes in her mouth, travels in her blood and goes to the baby.

expatgirl 02-04-2007 05:56 PM

Congratulations on your expected arrival. if your wife is vegan and isn't already eating it, though I bet she is, you can't go wrong with lentil soup. Filling, full of protein, and delicious. And so many ways to cook it.

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