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amber 03-08-2007 02:02 PM

Best Buy rewards card
First let me say that this is not a Best Buy bashing thread. I signed up last year for the best buy reward card. You get coupons in the mail after X number of purchases which is good since we frequent that store now and then. So today I made a purchase, went to the check out and the cashier informs me that I am eligible for a "free" magazine subscription for eight weeks, and which magazine from her list would I like. I played along with her, and said "hmm I'm eligible for a free magazine, ok". I picked the magazine that I liked, and she said in 8 weeks I would receive a notice from the magazine that my subscription will run out and all I have to do is cancel it. Ok, I can do that (knowing full well that if I dont they will charge me), and then the big question from the cashier :lol: "I just need your credit card". My reply to her was "sorry, I dont have one". Needless to say, I was no longer eligible for the "free" magazine subscription. Nothing is free people! There is always a catch!

I felt bad for the cashier who had to push these subscriptions actually.

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