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andrew_verne609 03-30-2007 09:17 AM

Pasta Chips
Ive being thinking for a while now about this,

Cooking pasta and then it is done drying it out and blending it up then roll the paste out and cutting it out into chips and deep fry them.

What do you think

lyndalou 03-30-2007 09:35 AM

If the pasta is dry, what would you blend it with? I don't think this would work, because pasta tends to get quite brittle when it dries out, say in a baked dish. The portions not covered with sauce aren't edible, in my opinion.

Anxious to hear what others think.

YT2095 03-30-2007 09:38 AM

why would you need to pre-cook the pasta 1`st if you`re going to dry it out again?

surely just bypassing that part entirely would be more efficient?

andrew_verne609 03-30-2007 09:43 AM

i mean dry out so it isn't wet, not dry out crispy

YT2095 03-30-2007 09:56 AM

so let me see if I understand this correctly, the Outcome should be a "Chip" made of Pasta, so the inside is like solid cooked pasta and the outside is crispy like a chip.

it`ll fly appart as soon as it hits the oil :(

the outside will seal, the moisture inside will go to steam and build up pressure, the outside will then Rupture, of course this wont happen in one place per "chip" it will happen all over it :(

the only reason you can do it with a potatoe is the miriad of pores all over the flesh that act as a constant vent for this steam between the cells as they each burst in turn, even then it can still happen with potatoe.

I`m Not trying to put you off at all from experimenting, I`m the LAST person on the planet to do that, but I predict it will make quite a mess and require plenty cleaning up afterwards, it may also be a good idea to wear eye protection during this.

Good Luck and I hope you prove me wrong :)

Claire 03-31-2007 07:33 AM

Isn't that what most chips are? Potato chips, real ones, are slices of potatoes. BUt all the rest are dough, rolled thin, and sliced. So this should work.

lyndalou 03-31-2007 07:45 AM

Are you using fresh pasta?

YT2095 03-31-2007 07:55 AM

could be a language barrier problem, to Me "Chips" are as in Fish`n`Chips, what you call fries I guess.

Caine 03-31-2007 11:23 AM


Originally Posted by YT2095
could be a language barrier problem, to Me "Chips" are as in Fish`n`Chips, what you call fries I guess.

I think what Andrew is referring to, you would call crips.

Claire 04-01-2007 03:49 AM

You're right. I didn't see where you were from, or I'd have gotten that one!

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