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Lugaru 04-03-2007 01:44 PM

CA - Oakland and San Francisco ... suggestions?
A few dim sum brunches are already planned together with a good vietnamese 5 course clay pot dinner. I'll let you guy's know how all that goes and tell me if there's anything indispensable I need to see, eat or do while there.


Caine 04-03-2007 02:18 PM

Check out the two previous San Francisco threads, plus, if you are planning to see Alcatraz, take the night tour instead of the day tour. It's a couple of bucks more, but worth it. You can even buy your tickets online before you leave.

redkitty 04-03-2007 02:27 PM

I posted in the other SF thread about a few restaurants. And in case you want some good reading, the SF Chronicle just came out with their yearly "Top 100 Restaurants" SFGate: Top 100 Restaurants 2007

I was thrilled to see the restaurant we had our reception in made it to the list!

Lugaru 04-06-2007 02:21 PM

Thanks a million, Im going to be doing a lot of Oakland reviews, mostly for asian restaurants.

My crazy friend has dragged me to like 100 cool things so far. Off the top of my head:

2 excelent Thai restaurants

Some of the best Pho ever in the tenderloin district of SanFran

Rail cars!

Duck tour!

A 'pirate' boat ride under the golden gate and by alcatraz. Seriosly it was just a bunch of drunk fishermen asking $10 for the ride, which a part of which was at around 60 mph on the water with everyone getting soaked. Mel had to get new clothes after the ride and I rode back to Oakland in soaked jeans. Still it RULED!

Today Im getting dragged out into the Castro district by a gang of girls who practically live there. Something tells me I dont have good odds with any of these galls. wacko

See you guys!

redkitty 04-06-2007 04:26 PM

Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself! You are making me homesick though!!!

If you get a chance go have breakfast at Bugaloo's on Valencia & 22nd in the Mission. Best brekkie in the city! Eat some pancakes for me!!

IronSides 04-17-2007 01:38 AM

I'm jealous of your SF trip!

Lugaru 04-19-2007 06:31 AM

Thanks a lot guys! It's going to be a while before I get the reviews updated on my website, so where's a good place for me to post what I thought of the restaurants there in the meantime? Here's one for now:


My first meal in Oakland was a dim sum lunch at Legendary Palace, if you don’t count the bagel and cream cheese I bought from a couple of cute suicide girl types at a café near the Jack London Square. Legendary Palace is located in Oakland ’s vibrant and charming Chinatown and its busy interior and colorful décor mirror the lively environment outside its doors. Upon arrival we were asked to take a number and waited for about five to ten minutes before being seated, not too bad for a party of five. Its worth noting that the place was impeccably clean except for one stray plastic lizard that some toddler must of left on the floor. This rubber reptile actually helped keep us entertained while we waited to be seated, so I cannot complain.

Since we had three dim sum aficionados with us who knew the language I decided to not participate in the selection of food letting them take care of ordering while I focused solely on eating. Unfortunately that means our table ended up with more pastries than I would have cared for but despite my lack of a sweet tooth it was all excellent and I feel they hit a great balance between dishes.

We started with two cheong fun dishes, in one the wide noodles held shrimp and in the other it was beef. Our server proceeded to snip them in half with scissors saving us the trouble and poured warm sauce from a tea pot on them to ensure they where moist and tasty. For meats we got some tripe enhanced by cilantro (the Mexican in me wanted some lime to squeeze on top), steamed rib pieces with spicy peppers, fish meatballs and phoenix talons (chicken feet). The fish meat balls stood out due to its great flavor and springy texture, but the spicy ribs and rich tripe where also welcome. It was my first time eating chicken feet and I was having a hard time deciding what parts to bite off and what parts to pick clean, but learning from imitation made it easy and enjoyable. The shrimp siu maai where good but didn’t stack up to the nearly flawless ones I had eaten a couple of days before at Pearl River in Boston .

For sweets we had some sweet cream buns filled with thick custard that tasted of vanilla, egg and bean paste. We also got some tasty Sesame seed balls, some gooey and sweet egg tarts, and an interesting fruit filled pastry that tasted of guava but according to their description it sounded like an entirely alien fruit.

By far the flashiest dish was the Ying and Yang fried rice, a dish of fluffy fried rice with half of it topped by a creamy white sauce with shrimp while the other half was chicken in a sweet and sour tomato based sauce. While the shrimp side was a little bland its texture complimented the rice wonderfully. The chicken side was a lot more flavorful but clashed a little with its counterpart. Without this large serving we may have walked away with a little appetite intact but thanks to it we where all stuffed and fighting over whose responsibility it was to finish up the assorted sweets on the table.

As usual with dim sum the bill was pretty low, despite being a slightly upscale location. This bill did not include drinks, since we where quite satisfied with the free tea and some water. While I won’t get a chance anytime soon to review the rest of their menu, first impressions go a long way and I was very satisfied with both their service and food.

Healthy Gourmet 07-18-2007 10:18 AM

If you are going to Oakland, go to Yoshi's. Great Jazz at night and wonderful affordable Asian cuisine. It is right in Jack London Square and the Am Trak stops practically right in front.

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