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dougiezerts 05-10-2007 09:22 PM

Least Favorite Foods
What are your least favorite foods--foods that make you nausious just thinking about? Here's some of mine:
Pepper--The vegetable, not the spice. I will avoid anything with it in it. Doesn't matter if it's green, red, or yellow.
Peas--Although I do like the dried wasabi peas that are now popular.
Nuts--Especially peanuts. I do like Chinese food cooked in peanut oil.
Pork and ham--I don't HATE them, but they aren't my favorite meats.
Liver--Is it possible to cook it so it doesn't have that unpleasant aftertaste?

SurvivorGirl 05-10-2007 09:28 PM

brussle sprouts when they are steamed. I like em when they are baked (just some evoo, S&P and pop em in the oven...o ya) but they absolutly repulse me when they are cooked any other way!

also beats - yet once again i like em if they are baked same method of as the BS.

in general I'm not to crazy about Chinese food.

That was harder then I thought it would be! I guess I'm not exactly a picky eater:lol:

CherryRed 05-10-2007 09:54 PM

If I don't like a food it's usually about consistency rather than taste. The one exception is cilantro - for some reason I really am not a fan.

VIDEODROME 05-10-2007 10:30 PM

pickled eggs

ChefJune 05-11-2007 01:27 AM

rutabaga, cilantro, tofu, pepperoni sausage, cottage cheese, chittlins, halvah, lutefisk, raisins, brains, bugs

Not too many things I won't eat, but ooooooooooh boy! don't give me those things I can't stand! :ermm:

redkitty 05-11-2007 03:54 AM


Originally Posted by VIDEODROME
pickled eggs

I second that, and people eat them lots here in England! YUK!

Cilantro and garlic bother my stomach so I don't eat them.

expatgirl 05-11-2007 06:03 AM

any organ meats (liver, brains, kidneys, etc. etc. etc.), also cauliflower, horsemeat(it's a fav in Kazakhstan), caribou (another fav in Alaska)brussle sprouts, and lima bean. I guess that's enough for one post. :)

Andy M. 05-11-2007 06:15 AM

What comes to mind at the moment is:

Liver (from 4 legged animals)

Barb L. 05-11-2007 06:48 AM

Cooked spinach
Lima beans
Cottage cheese
Thats it for now!

CherryRed 05-11-2007 09:49 AM

Wow I thought I was the only one who didn't like cilantro. Everyone I tell about it thinks I'm nuts! But it's nice to see I'm not alone. :)

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