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Juliev 11-01-2004 11:49 AM

Do accents rub off on you? I have been told that I talk like a canadian, but I pick up most accents easily.

Juliev 11-01-2004 11:49 AM

I seem to be picking up a southern one now!

crewsk 11-01-2004 11:50 AM

LOL!!! I wonder why? :lol:

lindatooo 11-01-2004 12:37 PM

They rub off on me anyway....years ago we had friends from Kentucky; we were playing cards one night and I noticed some funny looks....they thought I was making fun of them! I now make a special effort NOT to pick up the accent of someone I'm speaking with but it does take an effort. :oops:

mudbug 11-01-2004 01:14 PM

For me it's an unconscious reaction when I have the minority accent in a group. But I have one of those white bread-and-mayo midwestern accents that soak up exotica like a sponge.

PolishedTopaz 11-01-2004 02:07 PM

I grew up in Boston with a British mom, I never did pick up the Bostonian accent [thank god!] there are 4 words that I say that one would be able to tell where I am from [boston, coffee, hawk and aunt] I make fun of hubby because of how heavy his lowng island accent is and BTW there is no W in cowffee but there is one in hawk.

Juliev 11-01-2004 02:16 PM

Well, I catch myself all the time speaking Canadian... I say "oot" instead of "out".. LOL.. and I say "eh" constantly... well, that sounds better than "huh?"

Juliev 11-01-2004 02:23 PM

I spoke to a southern belle this morning.. so I'll be saying "Y'all" now quite a bit.

Barbara L 11-01-2004 04:06 PM

I usually pick up accents very quickly, but I haven't (I don't think!) picked one up since moving to South Carolina. I think it is because there are so many different dialects in the area where I live (especially about 40 miles south of here, where I lived when I first moved to SC). I do find myself sounding a little southern now and then. I do say "y'all," but I will never say "ain't." When I first moved to SC I could hardly understand anyone. I would have to tell the kids that I couldn't hear them over the air conditioner and I would ask them to repeat it. I guess you learn to listen differently, as I can understand almost everyone now. There are a few dialects around here that are so thick you could cut them with a knife. I still have a little trouble understanding some people!

I spent a few months in Minnesota when I was 19. I sounded almost like a native within a few weeks. When I spent time with my Philippina friend I sounded just like her. I'm really surprised I haven't picked up a heavy accent here.

Maybe subconsciously I am trying to hold onto part of California, since I know I will most likely live here the rest of my life. 8)

:) Barbara

Alix 11-01-2004 07:20 PM

Hey Julie, I realize the "oot" thing is considered typically Canadian, but it is as regional as a southern drawl is there. It is a very Eastern thing. Here in Alberta, we sound very Midwest accent wise. My Mom however, sounds like whatever person we are talking to. She lapses into their speech rhythm immediately...very funny, and often disconcerting to the person she is speaking to!

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