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Callisto in NC 11-24-2007 07:02 PM

Cuisinart Knives
Anyone had a bad experience with these? My knives are crap and these are on special for a really good price. My pans are Cuisenart and I love them. They list at $200 but are on sale for $40. Just wondering if I might be being taken or if they are decent knives for the average home cook.

CharlieD 11-24-2007 08:29 PM

Never had them, never used them, never knew anybody who had them or used them, so you can disrigard my opinion. But why would you buy a knife from a pot maker?

Andy M. 11-24-2007 08:33 PM

Charlie, would you buy pots and pans from an electrical appliance maker? You shouldn't assume a product is not good because the manufacturer makes other products as well.

CharlieD 11-24-2007 08:42 PM

:smile: Didn't I just say you can disregard my opinion? Also where did you see me saying that they were bad? ANd about electrical appliance maker which one do you refer to? I can't answer if I do not know what you are talking about.

Andy M. 11-24-2007 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by CharlieD (Post 512058)
...But why would you buy a knife from a pot maker?

Charlie, I do disregard your opinion. I was questioning why you made it.

The tone of your statement above suggests you don't think it's very good idea.

The company I was referring to is Cuisinart. They make cookware, cutlery and electrical appliances for the kitchen - blenders, grills, food processors, etc.

Viking makes stoves and cookware.

Calphalon makes cookware, cutlery and cooking utensils.

Braun makes electric shavers and kitchen appliances.

Multiple product lines is more common than not.

CharlieD 11-24-2007 09:24 PM

Ok, fine if you want to be thAt serious, yeah, I do not like cusinart knives, or calphalon for that matter. But hey, like I said, you can disregard my opinion.
Now by the same token, knifes are only as good as the care you take of them.

Callisto in NC 11-24-2007 10:00 PM

I just don't want to spend good money on bad knives.

Andy M. 11-24-2007 10:05 PM

There are a number of websites that review knives. I suggest you google something such as "review of kitchen knives" and read through the results.

buzzard767 11-25-2007 11:31 PM


Originally Posted by Callisto in NC (Post 512095)
I just don't want to spend good money on bad knives.

So don't.


jennyema 11-26-2007 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by Callisto in NC (Post 512032)
Anyone had a bad experience with these? .

Yes. I bought my mother one and it wasn't sharp out of the package and dulled right away.

I wouldn't recommend them.

Jeekinz 11-26-2007 01:34 PM

Callisto, do you need a whole set? I only use these knives the most frequent being listed first: 8" chef, 3 1/2" paring, 7" santoku (maybe once a month or when the chef's knife is in the sink). The chef's knife is pretty heavy so I bought the DW a 6" utility that fits her hand better. Any ol' serrated edge knife works for bread.

You might be better off spending the $40 on one knive for now. Take care of it and the knife will stay sharp and last a long time.

My $0.02

Fisher's Mom 11-26-2007 09:13 PM

Callisto, I have a couple of these knives I picked up on sale for the same reason you are considering them - because I've found their other kitchen products to be excellent. That said, the two I have aren't great. They seem to dull pretty quickly. (Of course, they were way better than the crappy ones I had before!!!)

Jeekinz gave some really good advice - buy one high quality knife (on sale if possible) and start there. Otherwise, you'll end up with a number of knives that "are too good to throw away" but that you'll never reach for once you own a really good knife. (Ask me how I know. lol)

Hawkeye16 12-05-2007 09:58 PM

I can tell you they are comparable to the Chicago Cutlery (Landmark Edition) set that I have right now.

I liked my Cuisinart knife set quite a bit, but I couldn't pass up the deal I got on my current set.

jennyema 12-05-2007 11:31 PM


Welcome!! I grew up in CR.

Fisher's Mom 12-05-2007 11:34 PM

I googled the Landmark Edition, Hawkeye, and it looks like a gorgeous set. Congrats! And BTW, welcome to DC.

Hawkeye16 12-07-2007 12:20 AM

It's a small world Jenny :D I am from Des Moines but found myself working for AEGON.

I do like the Landmark edition quite a bit, presents itself very nicely.

Poppinfresh 12-09-2007 05:02 AM

I've taken them for test runs before; I wasn't impressed. But then again, I'm a knife snob. I'd be suspicious of any single knife that was only 40 dollars, let alone a whole set.

The biggest knock on them is that they aren't forged. They aren't going to be as durable as some of the nicer brands out there, but they're serviceable.

lyndalou 12-09-2007 05:38 AM

Wusthof worth the price and you can buy just one or two at a time.

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