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Corey123 12-19-2007 08:56 AM

Disability (SSDI).
Have any of you filed, are on, or are about to receive disability benfits from the Social Security Administration?

I applied for it in October due to the heart condition that I developed and was diagnosed with last year. It's one of the health issues that qualifies a person to receive disability benefits. I tried to continue working, but I just couldn't do it because I'm much too exhausted, wicked tired and breathing heavily. Plus I can only walk so far.

And I was just told that a decision won't be told until about 5 months from the time that I filed for it. The process seems to be a long slow dragged-out one!

As it stands right now, I can't work, am presently only living off a small monthly pension, can't pay the full monthly rent and can barely do anything else!

Does anyone know the exact amount of red tape involved in trying to get approved for monthly disability insurance payments?

Why does the SSA put people through so much crap to get what they earned and saved up throughout their entire working careers?

I understand that your doc has to furnish proof of your condition, as well as the amount of medicine involved to at least control the conditions so that things don't get worst.

I STILL have to at least look for part-time employment, which is no easy task at all. It's awfully frustrating looking for work all day, that being told that I'm not qualified, especially when my resume PROVES that I am. I spent the last two sumers doing this and have gotten nowhere. My most recent job, I lost due to no fault of my own.

I've even applied for public housing, since being disabled also qualifies people for low-income disabled housing. But there's red tape involved in that as well. I am haowever, receiving food stamps and Mass Health now.

But it's just the money issue. I STILL have to pay rent and utilities, which I can't do because of the extremly low income I'm getting. Your suggestions, please?:ermm:

Constance 12-19-2007 09:04 AM

Do you have any friends or family you could bunk with for a while? You could pay your way by cooking meals and doing lite housework.

Corey123 12-19-2007 09:28 AM


But I was told by a friend whom I haven't seen in a while, that in order to really qualify for low-income housing, I would have to let the lanlord bring the case to court and bring evidence that I'm unable to pay due to seriously low income.

Supposedly, the court would allow a couple of months for me to find another apartment.
I would then supposedly be able to take this info the the housing authority and they would move me along to get an apt. and meet the deadline faster.

But I think the landlord won't do that, seeing that I'm at least TRYING to pay him. But also, just being disabled is supposed to be enough to qualify me for low-income handicapped housing.

I have to climb up four flights of stairs to get the my present apt., which leaves me very winded, tired and exhausted. Being in a apt. that accomodates the disabled has one or more elevators to help me avoid using the stairs, especially if I'm placed on a much higher floor apt..

Being disabled, elderly and having young children living with you who are not able to work yet, is top priority. Low income, in their eyes, is not so important until or unless you are about to lose your place of residense.

To be declared leagally disabled, so I'm told, all it takes is verification from my doc. So it seems like being disabled would get me in faster than the other three.

*amy* 12-19-2007 09:45 AM

Corey, I'm so sorry you are ill & struggling with this process. Go to the yellow pages & get an attorney now. In all likelihood (not in every case), you will be turned down 2 or 3 times. The final time you may have to go before a judge. Get ALL your Medicaal records together. The process can go on for a very long time. Re low housing - see if you qualify for SSI - Medical - fill out the forms. Here's a link I hope will be helpful:

Social Security Disability Coalition

Corey123 12-19-2007 10:11 AM

Thanks for the link.

Yeah, that ridiculously long 5-month waiting period is so stupid. All because they make you go through mud and high water to be allowed YOUR money that was deducted from YOUR paycheck every week, that you've scrimped, saved and are forced to pay into during all those years of having jobs!!

But if I'm even denied just once, and haven't found work yet, I STILL eventually will get a low-income apt. anyway. Whichever comes first.

And yes, I've heard that people were turned down at least a few times before being approved. Several people I know went through that. But they were eventually approved. And denials CAN be appealed. Also, from the time that you sign up, your money is retroactive, meaning that you'll get it all in a lump sum- a big fat juicy check, once approved to receive the benefit. I'm estimated to receive, roughly about $1,203 a month, so multiply at x 5, and that would be so sweet!!

I AM already covered with the state health program, and I AM getting food stamps and that DOES ease the burden a little bit, but as far as actual money goes, it awfully blasted hard to come by, since I can't even find a part-time job, much less anything else.

And if I was in low-income housing for the disabled, it would DEFINITLY ease the problem even more, as you can't be charged more than about 30% of your income for a low-income disability apt.. I hope to be in one, at least by late winter or early spring.

But at this time, I cannot afford to pay market rent. The pension, once it has been approved, which it was, is permanent, but it's just not enough to even get by, much less make do!

Which is why a low-income disability apt. would do nicely, at least until disability kicks in.

Oh, and BTW, I tried getting financial assistance for the state and was turned down! They claim that the small pension I'm getting is too much!
Since when is $540 a month too much when you have to pay $700.00 a month for rent plus utilities?! They DID however, suggest getting a low-income apt. though. That is where the disability comes in.

CharlieD 12-19-2007 10:15 AM

I hate the system. There are all kind of people who take advantage of the situation, cheat and steal(sp?) from the government, but when person gets really sick forget about, that person gets nothing. I hate them.

There is a special program to help with utility. You need to go to welfare office and start asking a lot of questions. And they do not want to volunteer any information. Be prepare that you will have squize the info from them.

jennyema 12-19-2007 10:15 AM


Contact these people right away: English - MassLegalHelp

SizzlininIN 12-19-2007 10:31 AM

I know my ex-husbands case too a very long time. From my own personal experience working with disability claims at the doctors office it seems they always deny the first attempt even with the severest of cases. I do know my ex did receive a huge check for all the back payments that he should of been receiving but again that was a long time coming. And I should mention he did have a lawyer also.
Good luck and I'll pray for you.

Fisher's Mom 12-19-2007 10:44 AM

I'm sorry to hear you are going through this, Corey. My brother developed chronic heart failure this spring and went through the same thing. They didn't tell him it would take 5 months but actually, that's how long it took for him to be approved. He had to get forms filled out by his doctors and then, later, they asked him to be examined by one of their docs, who agreed with my brother's docs. I don't know if you can hang in there financially but eventually, you will probably be approved.

My brother was just about ready to contact one of the attorneys who specialize in this. I think that's a good idea if you get turned down, but be aware that they get a portion of your check every month for as long as you receive disability. That is their fee. I'm not saying they don't earn it, just that you should be aware that is what the fee is. I think one of the links someone posted is to MA legal aid, which is different than a private attorney and should be free.

It's sad that it is so hard to get benefits when you need them. I mean, this is an insurance program that we have all paid into from our first pay check! Good luck, friend, and keep us posted.

Corey123 12-19-2007 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by CharlieD (Post 523522)
I hate the system. There are all kind of people who take advantage of the situation, cheat and steal(sp?) from the government, but when person gets really sick forget about, that person gets nothing. I hate them.

There is a special program to help with utility. You need to go to welfare office and start asking a lot of questions. And they do not want to volunteer any information. Be prepare that you will have squize the info from them.

Yes CharlieD, I couldn't agree with you more!!

The system definitely IS broken and it needs to be changed badly. And yes, it's those theives and con/rip-off artists that have ruined things for EVERYONE who signs up for any kind of finanancial help!!

Some people, I won't mention race, live in one apt with two or three families together an every adult probably gets a welfare check, so they are living like Kings and Queens!

Then there are or were those who used to sell their food stamps to get money for drugs and booze. Still others find any means to try to cheat the system, while those like you & I have slaved and worked most of our adult lives, and when we are not able to work and try to get financial assistance
from one of these well-known sources, they want to play games and then deny us our dignity to live our golden years respectfully!!

These stemmers need to be weened out and bre forced to go though a CORI check when they try to file for any type of assistance!

Thank you all for helping, and please, keep it coming!

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