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ren 03-20-2008 02:42 PM

ISO pro opnions on Jade Ranges
hello professional resto people!
i run a small, very busy resto in manhattan & our little, tiny kitchen has finally put the last straw on our garland's back. actually, we're just sick & tired of repairing the thing- thermocouple every 6 wks or so for the 3 yrs we've owned the thing(purchased new), & that's just for starters.
we are considering a jade range b/c the kitchen is so small, hot, high-volume & gets scrubbed like heck each night(as it should be!). we've got no experience w/ these nor any real idea if they're as good as they supposedly are. basically, owner is psyched about the idea of a 4 yr warranty & sturdy heavy-duty construction & that's that.
any info, experience or opinions would be GREATLY appreciated.

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