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pacanis 04-12-2008 06:27 AM

There's a mouse in my house
Speaking about potatoes.....
I keep mine under the sink. Upon verifying that they were russets, I noticed that two had been gnawed on :ohmy: No turds, but potato skin "crumbs" and the telltale gnaw marks :mad:
Now, I've got two copper pipes, one PVC drain pipe and one piece of romex leading up through the hole in the bottom of the cabinet, but none of them provide a very direct route for Mr Mouse in the basement. He must have really worked at getting up in there. Passing up open bags of cat food and dog food that sit in the basement.
Looks like I need to have a little talk with my geriatric cat this morning and if that doesn't work, rob one of the mousetraps I've been using to train my pup to keep his nose off the TV, away from the remotes, the pillows belong on the couch.... :rolleyes:

Bilby 04-12-2008 06:33 AM

So far, I have been lucky (rapidly seeks wood...), the only mice that have been in my house have been "invited in" BY my cats and thoughtfully did not take their dubious offer for very long! ;-)

pacanis 04-12-2008 06:53 AM

I've had three mice in about seven years. All caught by my cat and brought to my attention. Last fall I took the time to patch a couple sleeves passing through the block foundation that had pipes going through them, but could probably have been squeezed through. I'm not sure how this guy made it in.... I may have to investigate my sump and see that the hose is still attached to the pump. That leads directly outside.

Bilby 04-12-2008 07:00 AM

My neighbours have a nest under their pantry so I am hoping they stay there and that my six cats plus all the "blow-ins" act as a deterent to them turning into Stuart Littles and taking a vacation to chez moi!

auntdot 04-12-2008 08:05 AM

We live in the country so meeses are endemic. They can squeeze themselves through the smallest openings, such as a tiny gap where a pipe comes into the house.

We discovered ours shortly after we moved in about five years ago.

We have no pets so eradicating them, or at least giving them a short lifetime when they entered, was not a particular problem.

Can buy pellets of poison that work very well. They sell them almost everywhere here. Tractor Supply or the local Coop will have them. And you can get them on the web. We always have some in our basement and garage. They are dry, we put them on paper and leave them. Every so often we renew them. When they are gnawed you know they are working.

With pets and small children about, poison is obviously a no no.

Down side, the mice usually die in the house. But only once in awhile get a whiff of a dead one in the basement or garage.

Also there are sticky pads. You put them about, you can usually figure out where the mice like to be from the scat. You can toss on some peanut butter, it is a great lure, The mice walk on the stuff and their feet stick. They cannot get free. Then you have a mouse who is very alive and very unhappy. In a Disney world you could free the mouse, he would give you a kiss, and run away into the woods.

Nope, with this stuff you have a mouse you have to off. Covering them with paper and squashing them with a sledge hammer works and is probably fairly kind, if you do it unhesitantly.

We don't revel in that experience and do not use them anymore.

The traditional traps I do not like. They just have never worked all that well in our experience.

When they come down on the mouse's neck, well, they usually do the job. But many times they seem to catch the mouse somewhere else and you have a flailing mouse in pain. And you have to do the right thing. I still believe the sledge hammer is more humane than the BB gun, but opinions vary.

Not a pretty topic, but that is all I know about getting rid of the critters.

letscook 04-12-2008 08:12 AM

set traps with peanut butter on them, works everytime.
And for the mice friendly people who don't like the traps.
sorry, but they are disease carriers and not in my house. Husband aleric to cats and at least the traps are quicker then a mouse torching it.

Once we had a neighbor tear down a shed and it had rats, with the shed gone the rat decided to live with us, We set "Freindly Traps" and nothing , then the not freindly traps it chewed its legs off and continued to chewed holes through walls, into the food pantry, dropping all over, we finally put out Decon "poision" hoping it wouldn't die in the walls. It ate the posion and we found it and all gone. We had to pull out smelly insulation and reinsulate. Checked all the wiring as he chewed an outlet wiring , What a nightmare. So I don't tolerate the varments.

buckytom 04-12-2008 08:19 AM

geez, gotta remember that if i get stuck in auntdot's house, leave the shoes...

auntdot 04-12-2008 08:23 AM

LOL Bucky.

Actually we have no problem. The poison bait takes care of it.

pacanis 04-12-2008 09:10 AM

I've seen a mouse caught in one of those sticky traps. It was dead. It's nose was stuck to the goo and it must have suffocated.
I know I've seen traps online that electrocute them as well, but I have enough gadgets for a while....
I closed my cat in the basement and if he doesn't come up with him sometime today, the old standby trap is getting set. I left two of the half eaten..... (OK, not really half eaten :lol:) potatoes in the cabinet just to keep him interested. I am still surprised I didn't see any droppings in there.

Geez. Really auntdot? A sledge hammer? You don't think running over him with the car a couple times might be better? :rofl:

jpmcgrew 04-12-2008 09:10 AM

:smile:Fortunately our two cats do a great job on rodent control.

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