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redkitty 05-22-2008 11:28 AM

I'm finally going home!
Some of you know how badly I've wanted to move back home to San Francisco, well the time has come! I'm flying home with my fabulous doggy middle of June. My wonderful husband will be staying on in the UK tying up some lose ends, he will follow us in September. :smile:

I'm fortunate enough to be returning to my old house with my roommate/friend in my favorite part of town! The three of us get along so well and so do our doggies! Cheap rent (which is uncommon in SF!) a large back yard and doggy parks within walking distance. Oh and we even have a new Whole Foods Market 4 blocks away!

I'm very very happy to return to sunshine, family and friends. It's been 28 long months here in England. I'm glad I came and had the chance to experience life in another country, but there is no place like home!

It will be a crazy few months and I may not post as often as I have been, but I will still be around! Thank you to all who have been so supportive while I have been so homesick! This is such a great forum with so many wonderful people. :flowers:

In the Kitchen 05-22-2008 11:35 AM

Having your faithful friend your puppy with you makes things so much easier to accept. In my case, even better than a husband. Seems when you go with a dog, doors seem to open and people are receptive to you as a person. Will you dog have to be put in the back of plane? I know friend who paid for seat for her dog. I probably would do the same thing but we all have our priorities and limitations. Hope all goes well.

I wish you both safe, happy trip. I think your comments are wonderful and just the way I wish my life would be. Whole Foods included. Nice walk to make to the store and no need for using high priced gas. Sounds like life is treating you the way you want it to be.

Please keep in touch as I want to know how everything worked out.

bethzaring 05-22-2008 11:36 AM

wow, I did not think this would ever roll around for you, this summer seemed so far away. But, yikes, it is almost June!! Happy days for redkitty!!!!

quicksilver 05-22-2008 11:44 AM

Congradulations! I wondered why you had the bridge and listed UK on your sign in.
I'm only with DC since March, so let me ask, Why were you in the UK for so long?
When I visited SF I loved it, and still say that if I was forced to live in a city, SF would be it.
You're going back at a great time of year too!

Safe And Happy Journey To You And Yours

TATTRAT 05-22-2008 11:46 AM

a big congrats to you! I am excited for you!

redkitty 05-22-2008 11:46 AM

Doggy is flying on Virgin Air, who are fabulous for pet transport. She is a large dog, so she is flying in the pet cargo hold (temp controlled and just for cats/dogs in their own large crates) This is the same way she flew over here, so other than jetlag she was just fine! And can you believe her airline ticket is 935!!! (almost $2000!)

Beth, can you believe how fast these months have passed!? I'm frantically packing since the movers are picking up all our boxes to ship over on a barge in 1 week!

GB 05-22-2008 11:52 AM

I can not tell you how happy I am for you. I am sure that pales in comparison to how happy you are feeling right now :smile:

redkitty 05-22-2008 11:52 AM

I've been living here because I married a wonderful Brit! We actually met on match.com in 2005, got married that same year and I moved here Feb 2006! So those crazy online romances do occasionally work out!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes!

Barb L. 05-22-2008 11:54 AM

I am so happy for you - I agree there is no place like home !!!! :clap::clap:
Lol, you going to be able to handle all the sun ? :lol:

redkitty 05-22-2008 11:54 AM

Thanks GB, my dad is even more excited! It's been hard on him because we are so so close. He calls every other day on Skype and I can hear it in his voice, that fatherly happiness. They are crazy about the boy and are so excited he wants to move to the US. I'm looking forward to family dinners on Sundays. :)

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