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Andy M. 06-26-2008 10:44 AM

Remodeling Begins
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Tomorrow, my kitchen remodeling begins. It's not a total remodel. New tile floor and backsplash. New manufactured stone counter top, new under mount sink, disposal and faucet. New hardware for the cabinets (brushed Nickel). The nozzle on the faucet swivels.

I won't be cooking for a week or so as the stove, fridge and dishwasher will be removed to put in the floor. We will be using a microwave and toaster oven in the dining area and the gas grill. Disposable tableware will be in use.

We are also having some mold removed and getting a new roof. Later, hardwood floors on the main level and paint throughout.

It's gonna be a discombobulated summer. I'll keep you posted.

Saphellae 06-26-2008 10:46 AM

Wow Andy, good luck!! It sounds like it will be beautiful. Keep us posted with before and afters!

jennyema 06-26-2008 11:30 AM

I see a lot of grilling in your future! Though without a fridge that may be rough. You can rent one of those dorm fridges, though.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU. Pics please, when done.

Andy M. 06-26-2008 11:46 AM

We'll have the fridge in the dining area with a card table for the microwave and toaster oven and coffee pot. For some of the time there will be no sink, DW or stove. I linked the countertop and faucet for now. I am taking "Before" pics today (as I clean up) and will be taking pics as we proceed.

ChefJune 06-26-2008 12:25 PM

The faucet link didn't work, Andy...

I have a blue mix countertop, too -- and the other night on one of the hgtv shows a designer made a huge face when he saw a blue mix countertop in a kitchen and said... "blue is the WORST color for a countertop!" :rolleyes: I know he's never seen mine, because it's beautiful, and I love the one you're getting, too. What does he know? :lol:

sattie 06-26-2008 12:54 PM

I'm so jealous!!!! Hope we get to see some pics!

babetoo 06-26-2008 01:31 PM

remodeling :neutral:of any kind is the pits. good luck


Andy M. 06-26-2008 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by babetoo (Post 634853)
remodeling :neutral:of any kind is the pits. good luck


Gee, thanks for the encouraging words! :ermm:

ChefJune 06-26-2008 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by babetoo (Post 634853)
remodeling :neutral:of any kind is the pits. good luck


I don't know about that, Babe. For me it was just the infernal takeout that $ucked. :ermm: I kept my eyes on "the prize!"

kadesma 06-26-2008 03:38 PM

Sure there is some mess and fuss, but just think about when you've finished..I love my new kitchen that my DH did..He refinished the cabinets and he had someone put in granite counter tops we had a beautiful tile floor already only a few months old...and he now has bought me the most beautiful Island with a stainless steel top, all that is left is to get new hardware and we are done..Andy, I'm so happy for you..Enjoy every minute I can hardly wait to see what you've done.

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