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giggler 09-16-2008 07:21 PM

Mexican Beans, Karen?
I see you reference "Mexican Beans" (not refried) and hoped you could tell us more on that.

I'm not big on Refried Beans, but it is usually what we get around here..

We also get "Boracho Beans" which are whole beans with all sorts of stuff...

bacon, onion, canned tomatos, cilantro, and I think beer, which makes them "Boracho" which I think means Drunk..

What are the Mexican Beans like?

Thanks, Eric, Austin Tx

MexicoKaren 09-16-2008 09:27 PM

Hi Eric, the beans served here are seldom refried, unless they are served with "totopos" as a bar snack. The popular ones are either black beans, pinto-type beans, or something they call "frijol bayo", kind of a whitish bean. All of these are often served with some crumbly queso fresco as a garnish. We like "frijoles charros", which are seasoned with chiles, tomato, onion, garlic and usually a little chorizo. But the "frijoles de olla" in this region are usually just cooked with onion and garlic and maybe some epazote (a very strong herb, so you just use a little bit). I also love peruano beans, that are a creamy white bean. Not sure if you can find them in the US, but maybe in Austin. Beans are the main part of the diet for most people, with tortillas, which sell fresh for only 8-9 pesos a kilo (80-90 cents). Meat is used sparingly.

We have some very good friends who moved here from Austin...nice people! Hope this helps.

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