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dragonbomber 10-18-2008 11:03 AM

I love my Naga Morich peppers. :D
Now, while I messed up big on the dehydrating of the other peppers, I have very much enjoyed the Nagas I have grown. They are much more potent than I expected, and I have been asked not to process them in the house without adequate ventilation again. I have four bottles of a bare apple cider vinegar-based naga sauce, with a couple cayennes and new mexicos added for fun. It's a bit thin so I'll be thickening it this week with mustard seed, honey, some processed veggies, and other spices.

I enjoyed cutting into them for the first time, but I will either have to start working outside on the side porch or taking supplies to my nearest pepper buddy's house for a sauce weekend or whatever. For those of you whom have grown these peppers, what are your opinions on them? So far I am very happy to have taken the effort. I have my plants at work now to keep them warm, and they are growing even faster than they were outside. I don't know anyone else locally who has grown them besides my friends, with whom I combined efforts so we all had plants this year.

kleenex 10-18-2008 04:38 PM

Well Any Naga type Chili pepper is going to be really. Usually hotter than a Habanero.

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