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luckytrim 10-30-2008 02:52 PM

Trivia 10/30
TRIVIA 10/30

The Rhinoceros beetle can lift over 850 time it's own weight, making it one of the strongest animals on the planet.

1. Name that Bear;
A red-jacketed little circus bear riding a unicycle who runs away from the Big Top where he was mistreated, and falls in love with a cute little girl bear named Lulubelle...
2. What is the height and width of a standard business card ?
3. To which of the fifty must I travel to visit Andrews Air Force Base ?
4. How does the Latin word Alibi translate into English ?
5. In the animated film Antz, what was the name of the ant voiced by Jennifer Lopez ?
6. What novel begins with, "Like the brief doomed flare of exploding suns that registers dimly on blind men's eyes, the beginning of the horror passed almost unnoticed; in the shriek of what followed, in fact, was forgotten and perhaps not connected to the horror at all."
7. Do you recall the former name of New York's John F. Kennedy Airport ?
8. What was the name of John Glenn's Mercury spacecraft ?
The original college football "cheerleaders" (1870's-80's) were all female students for many years, until an all-male squad was formed in 1927.
1. Bongo
2. 2" x 3 1/2"
3. Maryland
4. "At Another Place"
5. Azteca
6. The Exorcist
7. Idlewild
8. Friendship 7
In the late 1870s the Princeton University football team (the Tigers) had a male pep squad that sat in the stands and supported them with chants of “Ray, ray, ray! Tiger, tiger, sis, sis, sis! Boom, boom, boom! Aaaah! Princeton, Princeton, Princeton!” But it wasn’t until 1884, when football was introduced at the University of Minnesota, that a student named Johnny Campbell became the world’s first cheerleader: He got up in front of a crowd and urged them to chant “Rah, rah, rah.” As college football spread in the early 20th century, cheerleading spread, too. The first female cheerleaders hit the sidelines in 1927 at Marquette University. Paper pom-pons were introduced in the 1930s.

Barbara L 10-30-2008 03:01 PM

I did horribly today! In fact, you could say I got crap! T or C is the only one I got. The closest I came on any of the others was 2x3 on business cards. I knew darned well where Andrew's Airforce Base is, but for some reason got it confused with Nellis and said Nevada.


quicksilver 10-30-2008 08:09 PM

#1 - okay (I love that little guy!)
#2 - okay
#3 - okay
#6 I thought maybe it was 'Dracula' Nope. And 'Exorcist' was
just on the other night.
#7 - okay
That's it.
Thanks, lt.

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