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sattie 11-07-2008 01:39 PM

Shrimp Nubs
I'm chopping shrimp and I thought of this.

I realize not everyone likes shrimp, but for those who do, you may find this amusing.

When ordering/preparing shrimp that has the tail left on, do you eat the meat or just bite it off where the shell begins? DH use to do this leaving tasty meat behind and it drove me nuts! How could you let that go to waste????

I have even met folks who eat the shell and all, specially on fried shrimp. I just gently bite near the end where the tail fan starts and remove the meat that way. If that does not work... I'm peelin that bad boy!!!

BreezyCooking 11-07-2008 01:41 PM

I usually eat the whole thing - tail shell & all.

Uncle Bob 11-07-2008 01:42 PM

Pinch the tail....Like crawfish....out it comes.........

quicksilver 11-07-2008 01:46 PM

Oh, Oh. Sattie is having "cravings", I think. It's a sign!

I do what UB does.

miniman 11-07-2008 01:46 PM

I'm like you Sattie & Uncle Bob, I try to pull the meat out. If that fails, I crack the shell and extract it that way - I don't want to waste it.

sattie 11-07-2008 01:50 PM


Originally Posted by quicksilver (Post 720219)
Oh, Oh. Sattie is having "cravings", I think. It's a sign!http://www.bradfitzpatrick.com/stock...t_woman_01.gif

I do what UB does.

I definately have shrimp on my mind! I have made at least 3..... um, 4 posts about it now!!! :lol:

pacanis 11-07-2008 02:09 PM

Way back when, when I ate fried & breaded shrimp and didn't know there was meat in there, I would leave it. When I discovered there was meat in that area I soon became a tail pincher :ohmy:

GB 11-07-2008 02:18 PM

It all depends for me. Usually I will try to get every last bit out. If I am at an affair and am dressed nice and have a drink in one hand and an appetizer dish in the other then I will usually bite it off and leave the last bit in the shell so I can stay as clean as possible. I will also not go digging if the shrimp are in a dish with sauce like shrimp fra diavlo or something like that.

When I can do the pinch method as UB mentioned, without getting all sloppy, then I will.

quicksilver 11-07-2008 02:24 PM

Does anyone know there's meat in the little fan section of lobster tail too? Also in the legs. You just have to knead it out with your teeth,
http://www.lobsterhelp.com/images/so...ster-tail3.jpg See that little non-see thru part. It's meat.

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Thursday, August 07, 2008
Federal officials have arrested a commercial fisherman believed to be the largest lobster poacher in the Florida Keys after finding 6,000 lobster tails in freezers at the man's million-dollar home on Cudjoe Key.
David Dreifort, 41, was arrested Wednesday, the opening day of lobster season, and charged with harvesting about 140 pounds of spiny lobsters - a small portion of those found - out of season. He reportedly lured them to cinder-block habitats he created in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.
It was almost $10,000.00 worth! Sold at auction for undisclosed amount!

JohnL 11-07-2008 02:24 PM

Pinch, squeeze, crunch, suck, ect.....
I payed for all of it, I want all of it!!!

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