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Constance 11-23-2008 08:22 PM

Russets for mashed potatoes?
I prefer red or golden potatoes for mashed, but DH brought home 10 lbs Russets. I've had trouble with Russets being kind of gluey. Could I get some advice? I like them lite and fluffy!
We do have one more shopping trip before Thanksgiving.

Katie H 11-23-2008 08:44 PM

Always use russets for mashed potatoes. Never found them to be gluey. After I cook them, I drain them and then put them back into the pot to dry out well. Never had a gluey problem and they always turned out nice and fluffy.

pacanis 11-23-2008 08:45 PM

I use Idahos or russets for everything. I'm not sure what you mean by gluey. I guess that's what I'm used to. I have noticed that my sister uses a mixer and I use a hand masher and I think mine come out fluffier. I boil, drain, let sit short while, and add milk and butter.

Andy M. 11-23-2008 08:48 PM

Russets can get gluey if you use an electric mixer to make whipped potatoes. Over whipping can make the starch in the potato gummy, stringy and altogether less appetizing.

If you just use a potato masher or ricer, russets will give you a nice fluffy mashed potato.

pacanis 11-23-2008 08:50 PM

Aha. See?
I had a hunch it was the mixer.

Katie H 11-23-2008 08:52 PM

Believe it or not, I've never used a mixer to make mashed/whipped potatoes. For mashed I use a hand masher or a large fork and for whipped I just whip the beejeepers out of them with a whisk.

pacanis 11-23-2008 08:55 PM

Me neither, but I remember a profound difference between when my mother used to make them using a hand masher, and my sister using a hand mixer. You could spackle walls with my sister's mashed potatoes.

Constance 11-23-2008 09:00 PM

You guys are so smart. I really appreciate your prompt advice, and I will use my old fashioned potato masher and not the electric mixer.

Lately, rather than peeling, cubing and boiling the potatoes the way I used to do, I've been baking the whole potatoes, rubbing the peeling off, and then mashing. The (@$%&#) arthritis has hit my shoulders, elbows and hands, and this method is less painful. (Actually, Kim does the mashing.)

Have any of you ever done it that way, and do you have any hints?

Katie H 11-23-2008 09:02 PM

Yes, Connie, that works. You might also try peeling the potatoes, putting them in a large microwave-safe bowl, covering them, and cooking until done. They'll produce a little water that can be drained. Allow the potatoes to dry a little, then mash as usual. I've done that when I've had my stove occupied to capacity.

Constance 11-23-2008 09:14 PM

I don't mean to be a big baby, but it just hurts my arms to peel potatoes. It really aggravates me...I used to be so strong, but now I can't even pick up a milk jug without using both hands. :sad:

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